The Morton Cup

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The pitches at Wayside Celtic were awash with colour last Thursday at the long-awaited and hotly-anticipated soccer spectacle, our beloved Morton Cup.  Country teams comprising 90 boys and 71 girls from 2nd through 6th Class battled each other and the elements to score precious points.  In the boys’ section, the Netherlands, Ghana, Argentina, and Saudi Arabia came through their group stages, with Argentina ultimately claiming victory over the Netherlands by 2 goals to 1 in an exciting final.  In the girls’ section, Croatia won out over Serbia 3-0, with Japan hot on their heels.

Under the guidance of coaches Ken, Conor and Luke, six past pupils who are now in Transition Year in Wesley College happily performed the refereeing honours and did a great job at ensuring fair play.  A massive thank you to Ms Leahy who kept things running like clockwork and yet again demonstrated extraordinary organisational skills in preparing the event.  And our heartfelt gratitude also goes to Carley Minchin-Byrne for her sterling support and efforts as senior soccer coordinator over the past year.

The winning girls and boys teams were presented with their cups and gold medals on Tuesday moring’s Assembly, with silver medals for the runners up, and bronze medals to 3rd & 4th placed teams.