Taney does World Book Day

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We had Wallys, Wimpy Kids and Willy Wonkas,

Harry Potters, Rons, Hermionies, and Lunas,

Lord Voldermort and Professor Snape,

Matildas, Miss Honey, Sophies and Mary Poppins ,

We had Billionaire Boys, Midnight Gangs and Gangsta Grannies,

Spiders, Little Piggies, bears, birds, wolves and dinosaurs,

Cruellas, Captain Underpants, and Mr. Men,

We had Amelias, Charlottes and Pippi Longstockings,

Pirates, princesses, fairies, ballerinas, spacemen and storm troopers,

We had tin men, tigers, mermaids, monsters and mice,

Hungry Caterpillars, elephants and Witches,

Cats in Hats, Sam I Ams, Thing one and Thing Two,

We had Mad Hatters, Alice in Wonderland and Bunnies,

Bob the Builder and Babe the Pig, Artemis Fowl,

Hippies, James Bond, Highway Men and Mrs Twit,

Dogs, cats, butterflies, unicorns, Vikings and Superheroes,

We had Paddington, Little Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks,

Flintstones, Minecraft Zombies and Danny, The Champion of the World

……just to mention a few!   Oh My Goodness, I need a lie down now!

What an amazing and colourful collection of book characters – well done to everyone!

The children took part in lots of fun activities this week, including a book swap in their classes, buddy time between JIs and 6th class, making book bunting and book covers.  Their artwork can been seen in the corridors, classrooms and in the hall.

They also created book shelves of all the books they have read – a total of over 890 books were read by the children from 7th February to 7th March!