At Taney Parish Primary School, we have 17 mainstream classroom teachers, six special education teachers, five special needs assistants, and two classroom assistants along with our principal, secretaries and support staff.

Principal: Mrs. E. Carpenter

Secretary: Mrs. J. Maloney

   Mrs. L. Hanley (part-time)



Classroom Teachers:

Junior Infants: Ms. L. Leahy & Mrs. S. Ruddock & Ms. E. Gorman

Senior Infants: Mrs. J. Wilson & Mrs. N. Potterton

1st Class: Ms. J. Blain & Ms. K. Kiersey (Mrs. J. Power on parental leave)

2nd Class: Mr. D. Edgar & Ms. S. Gallagher (Ms. R. Riordan on maternity leave)

3rd Class:  Mrs. L. Duffy & Mr. D. Ross

4th Class: Dr. S. Brook & Ms. A. Kells

5th Class: Ms. A. Lawrence and Ms. L. Hanbidge

6th Class: Ms. R. Dolan & Ms. A. Coe


Special Education Teachers:

Mrs. J. Greene

Mrs. W. Quill

Mrs. R. Adamson / Mrs. J. Fitzroy

Mrs. A. McConnell

Mrs. P. Campion

Ms. S. Kelly


Special Needs Assistants:

Ms. E. Gaffney

Mrs. H. Cooke

Ms. H. Little

Mrs. E. Gilbert

Ms. E. O’Farrell


Classroom Assistants:

Mrs. R. McConnell

Mrs. G. Rafter


Support Staff:

Caretaker: Mr. P. Staunton

Housekeeper: Mrs. C. Keating