Girls’ Senior Soccer


Girls’ Senior Soccer begins in 4th Class and runs until 6th Class.  Girls Soccer will be starting this Wednesday (25th September 2019) from 2.45 – 3.45pm in Leicester Celtic Football Club, Grange Manor Road.

We are asking parents to pay €35 for Autumn term as there is a slight possibility we may have to move to a Thursdays after Christmas due to pitch availability.  Please could parents give that payment to Suzanne at training or through the School Office as soon as you can as we have just bought lots of equipment!   After Christmas we will ask parents to pay €40 for the following term.

Senior Soccer may be cancelled if the weather is too bad to play, so please check the newsflash function of this website approximately one hour before the scheduled start time if this is the case.  If you are car-pooling with other parents, please ensure that the children know the arrangements in the event of cancellations.


If your daughter is participating in Senior Soccer, you (or another designated adult) should be present for the entire session while it is taking place.  Coaches cannot take children to the toilet for child protection reasons. It is also important that you or a designated adult is available in case your child becomes upset, hurt or injured.

Girls’ Senior Soccer lasts for one hour – please ensure your child is supervised before and after the session as school insurance does not cover the children during these times, and that she is collected promptly.

All children must wear appropriate footwear (no metal studs), shin pads and a named water bottle is advisable.

For further information, please contact the Taney Sports Committee.