Run Around Ireland Challenge 2022

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As part of our Active School Flag, all classes are participating in the Run Around Ireland Challenge 2022 for 4 weeks from 14th March until Easter.  Everyone runs every day and classes count the number of laps they complete.  Some classes are also clocking up laps as part of their active homework, which all classes complete every week.  The challenge involves ‘visiting’ famous landmarks in Ireland, so there are lots of interesting discussions and debates going on in classrooms about which landmark to run to next and children who have visited these places on their holidays are describing what they experienced there to their classmates.   This challenge has also been very beneficial for our maths, as sixth class used tablets to calculate the distance from Taney School to all the landmarks.  All classes are helping their teachers to total and keep a record of the number of laps they have run and how much further they have to go!