Physical Activities & Initiatives


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Here at Taney Parish Primary School, we believe it is important to not only be active during P.E. lessons, but also throughout the school day. We have a number of initiatives in place to promote physical activity.

Movement Breaks

In order to promote physical activity, teachers incorporate physical activity breaks throughout the day.

Some of these breaks include:

Word Association: The children or teacher pick a word and when the teacher says the word during the day, the children complete an activity for 30 seconds.

Card Games: Each house represents a different activity and when a card is picked, the children must complete the activity for a certain number of seconds.

Active Spelling: For English and Gaeilge spelling practice. Children partner up and ask each other spellings while they are completing an exercise. Eg: Spell “gigantic.” Child does Jumping Jacks while saying “g-i-g-a-n-t-i-c.”

The whole school is involved in the Laya Healthcare Super Troopers Programme where the children have received a physical activity journal and wall chart. These activities are used to encourage family and friends to get active. The pupils have found the activities from the booklets useful for new ideas when engaging in activities such as Active Spelling.

Cluichí Gaeilge:

  • Deir Ó Grádaigh
  • Orduithe sa rang – Children give each other active orders
  • Aclaíochta – The teacher gives the children exercises to do as Gaeilge
  • Teaching games to other classes as Gaeilge.
  • Action poems, songs, drama.

Break Times

In the morning, from 8:30-8:40, we have ten minutes supervised play time. We also have three break times throughout the day. Everyone is encouraged to go outside and be active. We have a zoned area for each band of classes with wonderful playground markings to encourage the children to play active games. We also have an astro turf surface for Junior and Senior Infants to play on.  The pupils are encouraged to use equipment for activity and games in the playground. We also have specific ‘ball days’ to encourage everyone to play different games and use a variety of equipment.

Thank you also to the Sixth Class pupils who created some very exciting games and posted pictures and explanations on our Active School Board. These new games are very inspiring for all the pupils, particularly during break times.

Do Your Talking As You Are Walking

Socialising is important during break times, however too much talking can lead to inactivity. We have introduced ‘Do Your Talking As You’re Walking’ or ‘Walk and Talk’ to encourage the pupils to engage in physical activity. We have a number of posters on view on a number of doors leading to the playground.

Playground Leaders

In order to promote physical activity in our playground and ensure that the pupils are engaging in some type of physical activity during break time, Playground Leaders encourage pupils to be active. This has assisted with improving activity levels of the pupils and leadership skills of the Active School Committee members.

Wet Breaks

Unfortunately, not everyone can fit in the P.E. hall during wet breaks. The pupils remain in their classroom during this time. However, the pupils are kept busy and active with games and physical activity breaks such as GoNoodle.

Running Initiatives

Since 2016, every year the pupils at Taney Parish Primary School participate in a running initiative. We choose a destination and the whole school works together to run the distance to get there. We have completed ‘Run to New York’ and ‘Freestyle to Finland’. We are currently spending this year on a longer running initiative, ‘Run Around Europe’. So far we have passed Paris, Amsterdam, Bern, Berlin, Copenhagen, Zagreb, Rome and Lisbon! We are all trying our best to reach our target and Ms. Hanbidge and her class are kindly recording and displaying our progress on the Active School Display Board.


Active Calendar Events

New School Year/September 2017: We designated areas to celebrate past pupils who have competed in the Olympics and internationally. This wall displays a picture of the past pupil and their sport e.g. rowing, badminton, soccer, hockey. This display is on the wall beside Ms Dolan’s classroom.

National Fitness Day/September 2017: Taney School marked National Fitness Day, 29th September, with a host of initiatives. Many physical activities were organised both in the classrooms and outdoors throughout the day to celebrate physical fitness. All of the children were encouraged to be active by wearing their favourite sports gear to school that day and prizes from #Be Active were distributed to all classes. In registering on the Ireland Active website for the “Take on the Teachers” challenge as part of National Fitness Day, eight teams of pupils and two teams of teachers took part in a dodgeball contest characterised by plenty of fun, fitness and friendly competition.

Halloween/October 2017: On the 21st October 2017 we ran Taney Fair. This was a huge success. Sixth class pupils were encouraged to set up a stall. There were many stalls which promoted physical activity. Furthermore, there was an Active Stall which had an Active Quiz. We also had an Active Challenge where children participated in ladder races (for free). The fastest Junior time and Senior times were awarded prizes in assembly. We sold Sports Beakers with the Taney School Crest printed on them which a large proportion of the children bring to school every day. Sports Bags with school crest were also sold and these have proven very popular for storing sports and swimming gear. Local businesses also supported the Fair and provided prizes for the raffle. Some of these included ‘physical activity’ related prizes from: JumpZone, Celtic Sports Academy, Prima Ballet, Tayto Park, Nimble Fingers, and Rugby Tots.

Christmas/December 2018: There was lots of activity around the school this Christmas. All of the classes were preparing for the Junior Carol Service and the Senior Carol Service. First Class taught their carol and the actions to the who Junior Assembly while Fourth Class got dressed up and acted out a drama of ‘The Nativity’ as Gaeilge!

Seachtain na Gaeilge/March 2018: There was lots activity around the classrooms during Seachtain na Gaeilge. Some classes played Irish games in the classrooms, engaged in PE lessons as Gaeilge and learned action songs and poems through Irish. Third Class even had a céilí in the PE hall! Both classes had a great time learning and performing The Walls of Limerick through Irish.

Spring/March 2018: The Active School Committee along with the Green School Committee came together to organise ‘Walk For Water On Your Funky Feet’. This took place on Thursday 22nd March which was ‘World Water Day’. All classes took part and there were lots of fabulous shoe designs. As well as this, the pupils carried books and balanced beanbags as we learned that in some countries people have to walk the equivalent of Taney School to Loughlinstown Swimming Pool in order to collect water. We also leaned about the importance of water and water issues locally and across the globe.

Easter/April 2018: The Active School Committee designed a wonderful Easter Number Hunt and Obstacle Course. Both 2nd Classes had a great time searching for their numbers inside the eggs which were hidden around the playground. When they found their number, they moved on to the obstacle course. Thank you very much to the Active School Committee for designing the obstacle course and for helping the children through the various sections of it.