Physical Education & Swimming

For more photos of our Physical Education activities, please check out our Active News section.

Physical Education (P.E.)

At Taney Parish Primary School, each class receives at least one hour of P.E. every week.  Our P.E. classes are made up of six strands of the P.E. curriculum:

  1. Games
  2. Dance
  3. Outdoor and Adventure Activities
  4. Athletics
  5. Aquatics
  6. Gymnastics

Our school has a dedicated store room for P.E. teaching resources to make our lessons fun and interesting.

P.E. is a mandatory activity and takes place within school hours as follows:

Junior Infants – Tuesday and Wednesdays (Mrs Duffy and Ms Leahy) [half an hour on each day]

Senior Infants – Monday and Wednesday (Mrs Potterton and Mrs Wilson) [half hour on both days]

1st Class – Tuesday & Thursday (Ms Hanbidge and Ms Riordan/Mrs Ruddock) [half hour on both days]

2nd Class – Monday (Mr Edgar) & Friday (Ms Dolan) [1 hour each]

3rd Class – Tuesday (Ms Lawrence) & Friday (Ms Kelly) [1 hour each]

4th Class – Monday (Ms Blain) & Thursday (Ms Gorman) [1 hour each]

5th Class – Friday (Ms McLoone & Ms Hall) [1 hour each]

6th Class – Tuesday & Wednesday (Ms Gallagher) & Wednesday (Mr Ross) [half hour each & 1 hour respectively].

Gymnastics Strand

Fourth Class School Tour to The National Sports Campus includes Gymnastics and Trampoline sessions in the National Gymnastics Training Centre (June 2017 and June 2018).

The P.E. lesson library on the teaching server was updated for all strands and all teachers may add plans/ideas throughout the year. (October 2017)

The teachers on the Active School Committee met and decided to give example lessons and ideas in the 12th October 2017 staff meeting.  We used the PSSI gymnastics lesson plans to assist us with this.

P.E. slots checked and it was made sure that on this year’s timetable to provide teachers with the opportunity to team-teach gymnastics and share slots in order to support this strand. (November 2017)

There was an audit of P.E. equipment with close attention being paid to the gymnastic equipment. (December 2017).

A specific check/update of our Gymnastics equipment was carried out and we now have:

  • Vaulting horse
  • Large, thick crash mat
  • 10 gymnastics mats
  • Weighted ribbon parachutes
  • 4 balancing benches
  • Springboard
  • Floor arrows
  • Online accounts provided for all teachers which host a variety of resources and lessons

In December 2017 it was brought to our attention that some of the pupils have particular strengths in Gymnastics.  It was decided that these children could and demonstrate gymnastics skills e.g. handstands and assist other pupils and classes.

Teachers provided with online resources accounts. (January 2018)

Contact was made with Local Sports Partnership and Shane McArdle visited the school to assist us. (2016 and February 2018)  This was his second visit on the 8th March 2018.  He informed us of clubs we might contact for gymnastics taster sessions.  This was extremely helpful.

Olympian Gymnastics contacted and booked to provide taster sessions at Active School Week.  Teachers will be present to observe and assist the coaches.  Teachers will also have the opportunity ask questions and receive some tips about teaching gymnastics. (May 2018)


Swimming starts in 2nd Class and participation is mandatory for all pupils up to and including 5th Class. The lessons take place for all classes on Wednesdays, during school time, at Loughlinstown swimming pool as per the following terms:

Autumn Term – 4th and 5th Classes

Spring Term – 2nd and 3rd Classes

Summer Term – 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Classes

At the end of the year, there is a gala to demonstrate swimming skills with a presentation of medals and certificates for all the pupils.