November news from Junior Infants

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November has been a busy month in Junior Infants with our theme being “Water” and sub-theme “houses and homes”.  Read our blog below to see some of the exciting things we have been up to!


They played in the “Laundrette” for Role play.  They have become very good at separating their clothes by colour, pairing socks and hanging up on the clothes line!

We were busy learning all about floating and sinking in Science.  We experimented with lots of different materials and we drew our results!  We also made wooden rafts and we were thrilled when they floated!!

Another of our Science experiments for Science week was the rainbow skittle experiment.  First we did a Maths lesson with the skittles making shapes and patterns.  Then we added water and watched the magic happen!

They learned about the storm “Noah’s Ark”.  They used their cutting skills to make doves and they painted lovely rainbows.  They learned the science about what makes a rainbow.  They made rain drop mosaics to brighten up our windows.

Junior Infants have been doing a fabulous job with their sounds, blending, dictation and writing – we are so proud of them!

We learned about different types of houses and homes and what materials they can be made of.  Then we designed our own houses using scrap paper!

We also have had lots of fun in P.E. this month!