Book List

The book list for the upcoming school year is given out to parents in early June, from which time either new or second-hand (for non-workbook type) books can be bought from school book suppliers. In September each year, each class teacher sends out a bill for copy books, book rental and other requisites (e.g. pencils, plastic folders, glue) to cover the year.

Where there is a case that the purchase of books causes hardship, special provision will be made available by the school to ensure that children have access to the books that they require.

Book Lists 2022-2023

Book Rental

In the absence of any official Department of Education and Skills book rental scheme, we have been operating our own extensive scheme here at Taney Parish Primary School for many years. This book rental money is also used to replenish classroom lending libraries. We have a comprehensive fiction and non-fiction library and a store of multiple copies of readers in each classroom; all of the lending libraries were replenished in 2014 thanks to the Sponsored Readathon.