Earth Day

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Junior Infants are learning all about the environment.

The children have learned about recycling both in the classroom and at home.

The children sorted items into the correct categories.

We also looked at how we can help animals by:

– helping to protect the bees. We planted some wildflower seeds.

– Feeding the birds.

– Making bug hotels.

We discussed and wrote some words associated with the park.

It is important to keep our parks clean by :

– Taking home our litter.

– cleaning up after our dogs.

Simple water saving ideas included:

– Turning of the tap while we brush our teeth.

An energy saving technique we have adopted in the classroom is to ensure we turn off the lights as we leave to go outside to play or leave to go to the hall.

To celebrate Earth Day, we planted bulbs and seeds.  The children also went on a Spring hunt and enjoyed a special assembly from Rev. Nigel via Skype based on Earth Day.