Bird Watchers

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This week third class were bird watching.  One of our activities was to make your own bird feeder.  We had great fun doing this and also discovered lots of birds that are visiting our gardens!

Solar System

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Last week third class were exploring the solar system.  We discovered the names of all the planets and how far away they are from earth.  We also wrote some very imaginative stories, pretending to be an alien and finally we produced some amazing displays of the planets for art!

Ancient Egypt

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Third class have been working really hard on their first big history project – “Ancient Egypt”.  We have learned all about the Pharaohs, the Pyramids, the importance of the River Nile, King Tutankhamun, Gods and Goddesses and the sarcophagus.  We each presented our project in class; some used posters, some had a booklet format, some did a PowerPoint presentation and someone even made an Ancient Egypt Times.  We also made something to go with our projects!  Everyone did amazing work and our classroom displays looked fantastic!

Snow scenes

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Mrs. Duffy’s third class were hoping for snow this January but we’ve had none yet!  We used chalk to create these lovely snow scenes.

Happy Hallowe’en

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3rd class are getting really excited about Hallowe’en!  We have been looking at the tradition of this festival in History, and for Art we designed super witches boots using some recycled materials.

3rd Class Tour to Dun Laoghaire

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Both third classes went to Dún Laoghaire for their annual summer tour.  We had an absolutely fantastic day and we were blessed with sunny weather.  We discovered so many sea creatures like anemones, crabs, lugworms and much more when rock-pooling.  We even came across an escaped budgie on the way down to the beach!  We also had an amazing time kayaking and swimming in the harbour.  The perfect day to reward a great year for both classes!

European countries projects

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Third class have been presenting amazing projects on European countries.  Everyone made loads of effort to make their project interesting and memorable.  Some dressed up in typical clothing and others brought in money and memorabilia.   We had a great time tasting different breads and bakes and even some delicious pizza and meatballs!  Yum yum!

Animal Visitors

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Mrs.Duffy’s class had a visit from Morpheus the rabbit recently.   He was so soft and cuddly, I think we all want a pet rabbit now!

We also had a visit from the tortoise with no name!!!  She is in her 70s and still hasn’t been named.  Shelley was a popular choice today!

Clay Piggies

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Third class enjoyed using modelling clay to make Three Little Pigs.   What a colourful lot of piggies!   They look fab when they’re painted and glossed.

3rd Class Rainforest Project

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3rd Class have been learning all about the rainforest, its animals and its plants.  They completed some art and project work that really impressed the Junior Infants.  They were even lucky enough to be invited by the Infants to tell them all about the animals that live in the rainforest.  Junior Infants will be going to the zoo soon and will already have loads of knowledge thanks to the amazing researching and presenting from third class.  Well done!

“Hoodwinked”- a Swashbuckling Robin Hood Musical

The extra-curricular drama club, for 2nd and 3rd class children, had yet another successful term. Throughout the term the children practised the basics of stagecraft including imagination and creativity through expression and articulation. The children’s self-confidence and self-discipline thrived throughout the term and their hard work paid off in their end of term performance.

The children performed “Hoodwinked”- a Swashbuckling Robin Hood Musical for 1st-6th Classes and again for their families at the grand Finale on Thursday 11th April. All of the children who participated should be very proud of themselves – it was a fantastic performance!

Cool Planet Experience

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Third classes had a fantastic day at the Cool Planet Experience in Powerscourt.  We worked out our carbon footprint, discovered the many causes of global warming (including cow burps and farts!!!), took part in lots of interactive activities and made pledges to make our world a better place.  We even got to make our own solar powered cars.

Check out the Cool Planet / CoolPlanet videos.

Seachtain na Gaeilge

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D’fhoghlaim Rang a trí agus rang a dó Cha Cha Sleamhain. Rinne siad an amhrán agus an damhsa. Bhí siad ar fheabhas! Bhí comórtas damhsa ar súil freisin agus bhuaigh buachaill amháin agus cailín amháin ón ngach rang. Bhaineamar an-taitneamh as!


Cha Cha Sleamhain

Ancient Egyptian Projects

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Third class have been working on amazing Ancient Egyptian projects.  We have learned loads and have also enjoyed tasting gritty break and lovely honey cake.  One of our classmates even dressed as an Egyptian lady!  Well done to everyone….great work!

3rd Class School Tour

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Third class had a really enjoyable day rock-pooling and kayaking in Dun Laoghaire.  We began exploring the shore and found lots, including welk, crabs, periwinkles and different seaweed.  Initially that was a chance that kayaking would not happen as it was a little windy but thankfully things settled and we all hit the water in a sheltered part of the harbour.  Needless to say some children “accidentally” fell into the sea but all agreed it was the best school tour ever!!!


It’s that time of the year again!  This year we have 4 chicks between both 6th classes.  A few less than normal but these ones are a lively bunch and are already trying to escape from their box!  The chicks have been on a tour of the school to meet all the children.

3rd class trip to St. Patrick’s Cathedral

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The children in 3rd class visited St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  They had a tour of the cathedral followed by three fantastic workshops.  In the cathedral they saw The Door of Reconciliation…..this is where the phrase “chancing your arm” comes from. The first workshop was an arts and crafts workshop where the children made stained glass windows.  These can be seen in the corridor and the classrooms.  They then did a singing workshop with a professional singer in the Lady Chapel.  They finished the day with a workshop on the organ and how it works.  They learned to play a tune together as a class!



School Play “Dragon Days”

Children from 2nd and 3rd Classes participated in an after school Drama Club last term.  Over the course of the term the boys and girls were hard at work learning lines from the play “Dragon Days”, which they performed for parents just before the Easter break.  Ms. Warren and Ms. Lawrence were so impressed by how well they could sing, dance and deliver their lines in front of such a big audience.  Well done!

3rd Class Visit to the Hugh Lane Gallery

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Third class visited the Hugh Lane Gallery and really enjoyed a very interesting tour. We concentrated on impressionist artists, Claude Monet in particular. We also heard the story of Harry Clarke’s stained glass window. We spent some time sketching our favourite pieces.

Finally, you can’t visit the Hugh Lane without checking out Francis Bacon’s extremely untidy studio! A great morning was had by all!

Back at school again we had a chance to try reproduce some of the works of art we saw.