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Sixth Class finished off STEM week by getting together with their Junior Infant Buddies.  We helped our Buddies practice their directions and programming skills using our Bee-Bots.  We even finished off by having a competition to see who could programme their Bee-Bots to land exactly in the correct spot.

Daily Mile

Both 5th and 6th class have been taking part in the Marathon Kids Daily Mile Challenge.  We run a mile every day which has really helped improve our fitness and concentration levels in school.  This week our students in each class received t-shirts and other merch to mark their amazing efforts.  Well done to all!

National Tree Day

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For National Tree Day (October 6th) this year, Sixth Class spent some time studying and appreciating the trees we have on our school grounds.  We looked at the different features and characteristics of our Rowan, Whitebeam, Silver-birch, Oak and Hawthorn trees.  We even collaborated to create and perform poems about each tree. Well done to both classes!

6th Class Tag Rugby

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We’ve been lucky enough in Sixth Class to have a tag rugby coach in for the first term.  We’ve really enjoyed learning new ball handling and rugby skills.  Thank you to Andrew for coaching us!

6th Class Gymnastics

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Gymnastics has been our area of focus this term in PE.  We have loved working with Mark who brought along lots of interesting pieces of equipment to work with.

Meeting our Buddies

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6th Class have been loving getting to know their Junior Infant buddies over the last couple of weeks.  We have been doing lots of activities like board games, reading and 6th Class even taught the infants some PE games that they created.

6th Class and JI Buddies

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Sixth Class welcomed our Junior Infant buddies into our classroom on a wet Friday morning.  We helped them with their “Dotty Art” and had lots of fun talking about the different colours they were using.  Thanks for coming, Junior Infants!

6th Class Gymnastics

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Sixth Class are really enjoying our gymnastics with Mark.  This week we worked on jumping, rolling, balancing and landing.  We had great fun and learned new skills!

Libraries Challenge Quiz

We have two teams, one from each Sixth Class, representing Taney in the Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown Libraries Challenge Quiz.  Four children from each class were selected to take part in the first heat in Dundrum Library, competing against 13 other local schools.  Both teams performed magnificently securing 1st and 2nd place.

They have now been invited to the Grand Final in the Lexicon in Dun Laoghaire.  What a fantastic achievement!  Well done!

Cycle Safety Course

6th Class have been very excited to begin their Cycle Safety course.  Last week we had a theory lesson in the classroom where we learned about rules of the road, safety measures etc.

Here is Mr. Ross’s class enjoying their first outdoor lesson on their bikes.

World Book Day Buddies

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Mr. Ross’s 6th class brought in their favourite picture books from whenever they were younger.  They met their Junior Infant buddies in Mrs. Duffy’s class on World Book Day to read to their books to them and to see their fantastic WBD costumes.

6th Class Hoodies

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Sixth Class got their Class of ’22 hoodies.  We were all very excited and are looking forward to wearing them throughout the rest of the year!

Thank you to the parents for organising this for us!!

6th Class visit Airfield

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Some of the Sixth Class pupils had a trip to Airfield this week.  We learned all about the history of Airfield and had a tour around the farm.  We met the new lambs and calves and learned what to feed them and how to care for them.  We had a great time!

Daily Mile Challenge

Both 6th classes have been taking part in a daily mile challenge.  We run a mile every day which has really helped improve our fitness and concentration levels in school.  This week Mr. Ross’s class received medals and other merch to mark their amazing efforts.  Well done to all!

Tag Rugby

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6th class have been very lucky to have a tag rugby coach for the last few weeks.  They have been having a lot of fun and have learned many new skills.

Dance lessons

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6th Class have been doing some dance lessons recently which they have been really enjoying.  They’ve really given it a lot of energy!  Well done!

6th Class Alive Outside tour

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6th class went to Alive Outside on tour this year.

We took part in kayaking, Splash Down and Water Jump in the early part of the morning – even Ms Dolan and Ms Coe took the plunge!  Later we did some bushcraft and outdoor survival skills, had lunchbreak in the forest followed by marshmallows on the campfire.  As the rain got increasingly heavier we tried out the various obstacle courses and even tackled the W A L L!

Despite the rain, we all had the BEST time!


Class of 2021 Graduation

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On Thursday, a beautiful day, our 6th Class pupils had their Graduation Service in the school playground.  They shared their memories of their Taney years through Reflection Poems and prayers.  Ms. Dolan and Ms. Coe presented the children with their Graduation scrolls at the end of the service.  The day ended with lovely goodie bags and graduation cupcakes organised by the 5th Class Parents and the PTA.

Congratulations to you all as you head off to secondary school – we will miss you!

6th Class Sports for All Day!

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Sports Day looked a little different this year but it was jam packed full of exciting activities!  We started off our morning with Zumba and some Circuit challenges.  Later on we did some Rounders, Football and Strength & Conditioning.  The day was finished with a delicious 99 ice cream and some mindfulness and relaxing board games.  Everyone had a great day!


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In Sixth Class we have been learning about Minibeasts, and more specifically, Insects!  We learnt lots of interesting facts about them.  Insects have six legs, they are invertebrates and they can grow new exoskeletons!  We set some pitfall traps outside and we put different foods in the containers.  By doing so, we found out that some minibeasts are carnivores, some are herbivores and others are omnivores.  We also did some research and beautiful artwork where we used skills and elements such as tonal shading, realistic and abstract colours, patterns and texture.

Garda Visit

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Today Sixth Class had a visit from Sergeant Howlin and Garda Ivor.  We sat out in the glorious sunshine and he spoke to us about internet safety, secondary school, abiding by the law and the importance of integrity and respect.

Sixth Class Artists

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This week, we learnt all about the famous artist, Mondrian.  He developed an interest in abstract art and was inspired by Cubism.  He developed his own style called “Neoplasticism”.  He painted using primary colours, simple lines and geometric shapes.  We planned our ideas and created the shapes using masking tape.  Then, we painted our blocks of colour, removed the masking tape and pained our black lines.  Check out our impressive work inspired by Mondrian.

Nelson Mandela

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As part of our Nelson Mandela discovery, we looked at some of his most famous quotes.  We discussed why his quotes were famous and why his words were important.  The class looked at different quotes and then chose the one that stood out to them the most and created a poster to represent the words!

The day we were left with 14!

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On Tuesday 1 June our Sixth Classes were reduced to 14 people between the two classes because of an entrance exam.  So we went on a Nature Walk to Ballawley Park.  While on the walk Ms. Dolan’s dogs happened to be out for a walk.  They very much enjoyed all the attention and pets!


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Kindness has been a focus of our classroom from Day 1 of this year!

It is always good to remind ourselves of the importance of being kind to one another and to ensure that every one in our class feels safe and welcome in school!

African masks!

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Firstly 6th class planned their African masks – deciding what colours and materials they were going to use!

They then spent two classes preparing the different sections and adding in particular details – all of the effort was worth it 😊!

Goodnight Mr Tom

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Our novel this term is Goodnight Mr. Tom.  The children are really enjoying the storyline and exploring the different characters.  This week we completed a contrast poem between the main character and his two different personalities!

The Digestive System

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In Science recently 6th class were learning about the delightful inner workings of our digestive system – what better way to consolidate learning than to model digestion in the classroom!!!

Bird projects 🦅

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6th class have been learning lots about different types of birds!  We did a class-based activity learning about both resident and migrant birds in Ireland.  The children completed research on their own bird and are going to present them in class soon – more pictures to follow 🐦🦜🦅!

We learnt about Salvador Dalí and completed a bird-based art using Dalí as inspiration!!

Cycle Safety

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There was great excitement in 6th class when we could take part in a normal 6th class activity 😊!  The children had a wonderful time and the instructors were delighted with the children’s positive attitudes!

The Human Digestive System

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We have been learning all about the Human Digestive System.  We looked at the various parts and explored their functions.  We also conducted an interesting experiment to investigate how the digestive system works.

Sixth Class work

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It was lovely to be back in school.  The pupils in Sixth Class have produced some wonderful work!  We created our own intricate Celtic Knot designs and cute Clay Cupcakes.  We also looked at “line” and “mark making” and used these skills to sketch some well-known parts of Dublin’s fair city.

Back to school in the sunshine!

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Sixth Class were delighted to be back in school this week!  We had an Irish Day on Tuesday – beginning with P.E. games “as Gaeilge” where the children had to explain the games to each other in simple Irish!

Later that afternoon Ms. Fenlon taught the children a song and they sung it outside in the sun, much to the delight of passers by and waiting parents 😊

Fun run into the Christmas Holidays

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The last couple of weeks has been lots of fun in Sixth Class.  We have been making pom-pom penguins and performing dramas.  A particular highlight was when the Taney Year of 2021 Hoodies arrived!

Happy Christmas from Sixth Class!

Hard work in 6th class! 

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We worked on procedural writing in both Gaeilge and English.  Writing recipes in both languages!

We are reading Holes by Louis Sachar.  We wrote a newspaper article on Kissin’ Kate Barlow who is an important character in the book!  We used to book to research facts about Kate, and created an enticing Headline and first paragraph!

We also have been learning about The Industrial Revolution, our inventors projects will be coming soon!

English, Irish and PE!

The pupils in Sixth Class have been focusing on Procedural Writing and the use of “instruction verbs” in English and Irish.  In PE, each pod created a game using some equipment.  Using the procedural writing genre, we wrote some fantastic instructions for the games we created.  Another pod followed the steps to try out our games.  As you can see, we had great fun!

When P.E., English and homework are combined!!! 

The children this week are focussing on orders in Irish and English.  In P.E. class today they had to plan a game with their pod using a small amount of equipment and then tonight they will write up the game and have it ready to hand in on Friday!

There are three challenges:

  1. Working together to create an idea.
  2. Creating a game with a small amount of equipment.
  3. Creating a game that had 8 steps.

Science Week in Sixth Class

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Sixth Class had lots of fun during Science Week.  We conducted an experiment to show that “Air Exerts Pressure”.  The card stayed put on some containers but there were lots of giggles when one or two experiments didn’t quite work out!

We also investigated aerodynamics and made paper gliders and aeroplanes.  Some children adjusted their models in an attempt to make them go further.  This is what engineers often do when testing out their new products and designs.  We had some travel well over 8 metres!

Many of us also designed posters for the “ESB Stay Safe, Stay Clear” competition.  This competition promotes the importance of staying safe outdoors when near electricity poles and overhead wires.

Science Week: “Flights Distances Workshop”

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Last week 6th class took part in a “Flights Distances Workshop” where they designed a paper airplane and threw it to see how far it would go in metres.  The children then had the opportunity to return to the class and change or alter the design and then have a second try to see if they could get the plane to go even further!!  Some children even counted how long their airplane was airborne for, the average time was about 2-3 seconds!

Science week: “Air exerts pressure”

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6th class enjoyed getting soaked this week when the experiment we were doing went wrong!  We were trying to show that ‘”Air exerts pressure”!  Many pupils were successful, however some ended up getting drenched, much to their delight!!

Spooky Sixth Class

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This week in Sixth Class we designed our own spooky Hallowe’en t-shirts.  Some of even wore them when we performed our own ‘Thriller’ dance.  Check out some of our moves.

Have a nice mid-term break from all of us in Sixth Class!

Busy term in Sixth Class

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The pupils in Sixth Class have been learning about lots of new things.  We explored some of the Geography and History of Australia.  We even performed our own Aboriginal dances and added instruments.  Some of our other work includes beautiful Rangoli-inspired Art and Myths and Legends we wrote and illustrated ourselves.

Colonialism & Australasia

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6th class have been discussing Colonialism and the countries in Australasia.  We discussed Australia and learnt about the Geography of the country.  We then moved onto New Zealand and learnt a little bit about the aboriginal people in New Zealand, the Mauri.  We learnt about The Haka and the traditions behind it.  We then created our own versions of the Haka!  We even got a chance to battle it out!

We are back!!

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This week we have been exploring a lot of things!  Our brains and how they work, mindfulness and gratitude, a different sort of PE, our hopes and dreams, as well as Maths revision and games to name but a few :)!

Class of 2020 – Graduation

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We were very sad that this year’s 6th Class pupils did not finish Taney with their usual fun-packed final term in primary school.  Mrs. Carpenter, the 6th Class teachers and secretaries put our heads together to plan something different to mark the end of the children’s primary schooling.

With the help of Reverend Nigel Pierpoint, the usual Graduation Service was pre-recorded in the school and church for 6th Classes and their families to watch on Friday 19th June.  Packs containing personalised certificates, candles, reflection books, slideshows and letters were put together for each pupil and hand delivered to their doorsteps on Wednesday 17th June by Mrs. Maloney and Mrs. Hanley.  We really enjoyed seeing everyone “in real life” and chatting to parents and pupils.

Ms. Coe and Ms. Dolan and all the staff wish our 6th Class pupils well as they head off to secondary school after the summer holidays!

Here’s a message to you all from your teachers:


“Congratulations class of 2020!  We are so proud of you and we are excited for the adventure which you are about to embark on!  This time of year is always bittersweet.  You are such a credit to your school and families.  We have grown so fond of all of you throughout the year.  We had such a fantastic year together from school tours, to sports activities, Taney Fair, dramas and Junior Infant buddies to name but a few!  Over the past year we’ve had the honour of teaching you – you are all truly amazing, talented and inspiring young people.

To the parents of 6th class, thank you for your kind words and support throughout the year, we really appreciate it!

Thank you for all the happy memories and we wish you the very best!”

Chocolate, Memories & Summer Fun

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At this time 6th classers would normally be exploring the Chocolate Factory but as this year it was not possible they experimented at home!  After completing research on the History of Chocolate as well as doing a Chocolate Quiz they then created their own Maya hot chocolate!  They also explored memorable moments in their own lives as well as creating their own chocolate bars!  Of course there was still time to enjoy the beautiful weather 😊.

Creative 6th Classers

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It was another busy week for Ms. Dolan’s 6th classers; they were reflecting about the important things in life, making Bee Hotels in conjunction with World Bee Day, making their own Storyboards based on Shaun Tan’s “The Lost Thing”, to baking bread and completing Irish oral work via Seesaw!   Well done 6th class 😊

Busy Bees!

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Ms. Coe’s Sixth Class pupils have been busy bees this week!  While working at home, they have been studying bees and some pupils even made bee hotels to host some solitary bees!

They were also busy with research for projects, creating impressive art and developing wonderful storyboards.  Check out some pictures of their work here.

6th class this week

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The pupils in Ms. Coe’s Sixth Class have been very busy this week.  We all got set up on Seesaw and we have been familiarising ourselves with it!  The children added their favourite piece of work and it was fantastic to see such a variety of items.  In the pictures attached, you will see some magnificent “Flat Lay” photography, Fact Files on “Sir Francis Beaufort” and some posters that explain “Why we Sweat”!  Keep up the great work Sixth Class!

Sixth Class – this week’s work!

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Ms. Dolan’s 6th classers have been working incredibly well at home!  This week, via Seesaw they were able to send a range of different work to the teachers!  It is so uplifting to be in contact with the children and to be receiving work, please keep it coming 😊.  This week the children were asked to send a picture of their favourite pieces of work from the week, some couldn’t decide and they sent a number of pieces which is great!  They range from posters (some with audio explanations that were sent on Seesaw!) on “Why we Sweat”’, the Irish hydrographer Sir Francis Beaufort, the creator of the Beaufort cipher and the Beaufort scale, some projects ranging from a construction about The Chernobyl disaster of 1986 to a poster about Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson.  Other work that we received was a Flat Lay art activity where the children had to photograph something from up high!

Lots of work from 6th class!

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6th class are busy completing a range of different tasks at home, here we have a project about Mexico, one about Cinco de Mayo and why it is celebrated, another about the actress Millie Bobby Brown and an incredible PowerPoint presentation about The Seven Wonders of the World!

It is lovely to receive photos of the children completing a variety of different tasks at home!  From making Salsa for Cinco de Mayo celebrations, to baking.

Thanks 6th classers 😊

When the World Wakes

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March started a lot differently to how it ended.  At the end of March, we found ourselves living in a pandemic.  As we all know everyone around the world has had to readjust their lifestyles.

6th class wrote poems using inspiration from the title, ‘When the World Wakes’ to offer us all a more positive perspective on this moment in our world.  It can seem dark, but there is light in all this.  The children have done a wonderful job, their poems uplifted their teachers and parents and we hope you like them 😊.

6th Class Work

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6th class children have been busy working independently and making the most of their artistic and creative skills at home to complete information posters on various topics. Some that are set by the teacher, others they are doing as extra topics because they are interested in them! 😊

Land Yachts

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Sixth Class investigated how objects may be moved by air, so we decided to make a Land Yacht.

In small groups, we explored which materials and fabrics we thought would best suit a land yacht, sails and wheels.  Next, we planned and discussed how to build the land yacht so it would hopefully travel at least 20cm in a straight line when placed in front of a hairdryer.  We also wanted it to have a working sail.  After all our planning and preparation, we built our yachts and put them to the test.  Check out some of our creations in the pictures below.

Museum of Literature

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Sixth Class had the opportunity to attend a free tour and workshop at the newly opened Museum of Literature.  We explored lots of poetry by James Joyce and we even wrote and read aloud some of our own poetry.  We explored the various rooms in the museum and responded to some interesting art at the end of our tour.

World Book Week in 6th Class

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6th class had a busy week this week.

They created their own picture books to read to the Junior Infants on World Book Week.  As authors and illustrators of their own books, they worked tremendously hard.

They enjoyed dressing up and having a Literacy based week!  The best part?  Reading homework!!

Engineers Week

Sixth class enjoyed a day of engineering inspired activities on Friday.

From teaching Junior Infants about Forces using toy cars, Team Work using paper cups and developing their Problem Solving skills using trains and Lego to having a talk from a real life Engineer!

After their talk 6th class had to create a sound structure using spaghetti and mini marshmallows that could hold a toy car!  They found this part quite challenging however we had one or two successful attempts!

Food Science

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In science 6th have been learning about the benefits of various foods.  The class completed projects on one type of food and then created a recipe including the specific food.  The recipes and food posted can be found along the senior school corridor for healthy and delicious inspiration!!  There have been a range of tasters over the last couple of weeks, from beef to grapefruit ice pops, from smoothies to jack fruit ice cream!  Flapjacks, salsa and chips, homemade beetroot burgers!  We have been busy!

Active body, healthy foods.

Sixth Class recognise that being physically active is extremely important.  However, it is also vital that we have a balanced diet as our bodies need a variety of foods so that they can grow, repair, give us energy etc.

We conducted research and designed a web page that encourages children to eat healthy food and snacks.  We presented our findings and some of us even whipped up samples for the class to try!  Our wonderful web pages, with suggestions and recipes are available to view on the Active School Notice Board.

Buddy Time

Junior Infants and Sixth Class buddied up for some exciting station activities.

In the Sixth Class room, they read together in the library and designed some most impressive buildings using marshmallows and sticks.  They also programmed robot mice to run through a tricky maze to get the delicious cheese!

In the Junior Infant room, the children used both English and Gaeilge to converse when visiting the shop and the restaurant.

Museum of Literature

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Sixth Class had the opportunity to attend a free tour and workshop in the newly opened Museum of Literature.  The children explored poetry by Seamus Heaney, James Joyce with his love of creating his own words, and other Irish authors.  They also got to see the first edition of Ulysses!

Human Digestive System

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For the past two weeks, the pupils in Sixth Class have been learning about the Human Digestive System. We looked at the various parts of the Digestive System and explored their functions.

We also conducted an experiment in small groups to investigate how the Digestive System works.

Sa Bhialann

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This week the theme for Gaeilge in Sixth Class was “Sa Bhialann”.

We have been learning and using lots of different phrases for our Comhrá drama.  We prepared our Comhrá in groups and set up our own Bialann.  We arranged props and some of us even got dressed up to perform our Comhrá in front of the class.

Science Experiments

As part of a late Science Week, 6th class organised experiments to demonstrate to the Junior Infants.  Both classes had an enormous amount of fun with 6th classes reveling in being able to explain what was happening scientifically to the younger children!

Cool Planet Experience

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As part of Science Week 6th class recently took part in a tour of Cool Planet Experience in Enniskerry.  As well as learning all about their own Carbon Footprint and the environment, they got to take part in an Ocean Acidification and the pH scale workshop involving some smelly red cabbage juice (which acted as an indicator) and various liquids!

Sixth Class activities

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The pupils in Sixth Class have had a busy term so far.  We’ve been following the Rugby World Cup and studying Japan as well as some of the other countries involved in the tournament.  We also learned how to do the Haka and created our own in groups.

For Halloween, we engaged in group stations including: Halloween Quiz, Skeleton Drive, Apple Bobbing, Mini Pumpkin Decorating, Guess Who and Halloween Battleships.  We also dressed up for Halloween and performed the Thriller dance and composed our own versions!

Shoebox Appeal

Team Hope came back to school yesterday in a double-decker bus to collect the Christmas shoeboxes which Taney children kindly filled over the last few weeks.  Sixth Class pupils helped carry out and load the boxes into the Team Hope bus.  This year 364 colourful shoeboxes were sent off by Taney children – imagine how much joy these gifts will bring to lucky girls and boys who receive them – well done to all the children who took part!!


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As part of Religion this week 6th class were learning about Lighthouses and the role they play for boats and ships.  They guide and lead boats away from danger, just like God can lead us and he is a beacon of light in our lives.

“Take a Hike” at Wicklow Mountains National Park

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Ms Coe’s Sixth Class took part in “Take a Hike” at Wicklow Mountains National Park.

We met our guide at the Upper Lake in Glendalough.  He introduced us to the outdoor ethics programme called “Leave No Trace” that encourages us to look after our surroundings.  We had great fun orienteering and exploring nature.  We used our maps to find clues hidden around Glendalough which we pieced together to revel the seven principles of Leave No Trace.


After lunch, we hiked back over a mountain and through the forest.  Everyone enjoyed the beautiful sunshine that appeared just as we began our hike which made the views even clearer and more breathtaking.

Trip to Glendalough

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Ms Dolan’s 6th class had a great start to the week this week with a trip to Glendalough.  They took part in the “Take a Hike” workshop which involved some orienteering followed by a hike where we saw some badger poo (it’s a metallic colour because of the type of beetles that they eat!), some deer and sheep!  The weather wasn’t the best, but with the children made the most of their time outdoors!


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6th class have been busy exploring Japan in the build up to the Rugby World Cup!  In groups they researched given topics and added their own twist!  Each group presented their topic in a unique way, between a fashion show, a car journey with mum and an interesting restaurant visit, we were all kept very entertained!

6th Class Tour to Carlingford Adventure Centre

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This year 6th class have had the opportunity to go to a range of interesting and new places for their school tours.  And they certainly ended it with a bang!!

Both classes arrived in school at 7:45 to head to Carlingford Adventure Centre!  After a brief drive the children were greeted in the adventure centre and had a beautiful scenic (uphill) walk to “the forest”!  The children spent the day there completing a range of activities, axe throwing, rock climbing and laser combat!  The weather was beautiful and the activities and instructors were brilliant.  What a great way to end the year!

6th Class, The Chicks

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It’s that time of year again!  This year we were lucky to have 10 chicks between both sixth classes!  The were very well cared for and went on a tour of the school to meet all of the children.  We are also delighted that their new home is just across the road in Airfield!


Irish PE!

Fourth Class joined Sixth Class to try out a variety of Irish physical activity stations. Sixth Class worked hard to design their stations and write clear instructions in Irish. They carefully explained each station ‘as Gaeilge’ to the Fourth Class groups and provided demonstrations for them too! Everyone had great fun!

Active Week

There was lots of physical activity throughout the school for Active School Week which took place from 27th to 31st May 2019.

There were fitness classes with Luke where we were put through our paces with lots of exercises, challenges, games and music. Later in the week, two coaches from Bar Monkey provided each class with impressive demonstrations on a high bar and taught us floor movements as well as bar challenges.

All classes engaged in Active Homework and recorded their physical activity in their Active School Diaries. There were plenty of other activities taking place both in our classrooms and outdoors. Some of these included: Go Noodle, Mindfulness Activities, Camel Cup Soccer Tournament, Swimming, Active School Songs/Raps, Active Science Experiments, Cricket, Athletics, Running Challenges and much much more.

The week concluded with our annual Sports Day where there was plenty of fun doing relays, obstacle courses, three-legged races and straight races. Thank you to all of the parents and teachers who helped to organise and coordinate the event.

Check out the Active School Notice Board for more posters, pictures and samples of work.

Active Irish

6th class have been combining their Irish skills with P.E. at the moment. Firstly each group was given a fitness circuit in Irish. They had to figure out what to do and what equipment they needed. Then each group completed their own circuit as well as having a go on everyone else’s! Some groups also added in an extra “sixth class” challenge! The children then got the opportunity to teach the Junior Infants how to do each circuit and they completed them together!

Cricket Season in full swing

Taney Cricket started with training before Easter.  We had a great take up this year with 36 boys and girls participating from 6th Class.

The 4th Class entered the Cricket Leinster Schools competition for the first time and played Matches against Willow Park, St Mary’s and CUS.  They were also invited to play in a Cricket Leinster cricket blitz in Terenure Cricket Club and three 4th class teams travelled on the day.

We played in the 6th Class Schools Leprechaun Cup softball and hardball competitions and competed really well and all the children got to play for Taney Parish Primary School in a competitive game.

Training will continue in Marlay Park every Wednesday for the Summer Term.

Biographies & Autobiographies

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6th class have been learning about the features of both biographies and autobiographies.  To further develop their knowledge they researched and completed biographies on people they admired.  Here are the finished products!

6th Class Chocolate Factory Trip

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On the 9th of May, 6th class went on their long anticipated tour to The Chocolate Warehouse in Walkinstown.

The children were greeted with some chocolate, naturally, and after watching an informative video about the production of chocolate they completed some chocolate decoration and preparation of their own! Everyone went home with their own handmade chocolate hamper, some goodies from the shop and of course a happy smile 😄!


Senior Girls Soccer

We are fortunate to have a very committed group of girls from 4th to 6th class participating in Senior Soccer this year.  They have been training hard every Thursday afternoon in Leicester Celtic, come hail or shine!!  This year the girls team is entered for the Dublin Primary Schools Cup and League.  Unfortunately the girls were beaten in a tough Cup match by a more experienced team from Malahide.  However, since that loss, they are unbeaten in the League, with one match to go!  After Easter the girls will train on a Friday afternoon instead, on the grass pitch in Marlay Park.

Easter Hunt

Junior Infants and 6th class has some fun today in the sun! T hey were collecting eggs on an Easter Hunt!!  Not all the eggs were edible so they had to be careful.  Eggs weren’t the only things they found, also some ladybirds!

St. Gerard’s End of Season Girls Hockey Tournament for Primary School League

Taney Girls played in St. Gerard’s end of season tournament for the Primary School League.  A total of 30 schools took part,including Taney’s A and B Teams.  Both teams came home with silver medals, playing Whitechurch and St. Matthew’s in their respective finals.  Despite some nasty weather the girls and their supporting parents had a great afternoon.  Many thanks to our coaches for all their support and input!

The Wildflower Girl

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Upon finishing our second novel this year, “The Wildflower Girl” by Marita Conlon McKenna, the children created character profiles of the protagonist Peggy O’Driscoll!

Science: Healthy Foods

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As part of our Science this month we were looking at healthy foods and the benefits of these foods.  We learned about the many benefits of eating kiwi but also, more importantly, we learned about the benefits of eating the skin of a kiwi!  Yes, the furry part!!  So we decided to try it out….!

Buddy time

Junior Infants and Sixth Class buddied up for some exciting station activities.

In the Sixth Class room they designed some most impressive buildings using marshmallows and sticks, then programmed robot mice to run through a tricky maze to get the delicious cheese!

In the Junior Infant room the children used both English and Gaeilge to converse which visiting the shop and the restaurant.

Peace Proms

Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Classes performed at the Peace Proms concert at the RDS on Sunday 3rd February.

Peace Proms celebrates culture and diversity and promotes peace, tolerance and unity through music.  It was a unique experience where our pupils were afforded the opportunity to perform songs and dance moves with a live orchestra and dozens of other schools from all over Ireland!  The President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins, even came to watch our performance!

It was a most memorable day for pupils, teachers and families alike.

DreamSpace at Microsoft

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What a day!  6th Class had a wonderful trip to DreamSpace at Microsoft Ireland in Leopardstown.  The day began with some fruit and juice as Amanda explained to the children all about DreamSpace.  The children learned that in 11 years time experts reckon that 50% of the jobs people will be doing then, don’t exist at the moment!  We discussed the prospect of having robots completing human jobs.  However the 4 C’s are the reasons why human input will still be vital – Creativity, Critical thinking, Collaborator and Communicator.  These human skills will always be better than robots (thankfully!).  The activities included coding and creating a 3D reality video which was played for the entire group.  Before we left we all ate some delicious sandwiches followed by a cookie!

Class of of 2019

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Thanks to the initiative of some of our 6th Class entrepreneurs, many of the children in 6th Class are now wearing the hoodie especially designed for them by their clever classmates!

Engineering: Newspaper Towers

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This week in 6th Class we discussed Engineering and various types of engineers.  The children worked as Civil Engineers and created Newspaper Towers in groups.  The children had to build a tower that was as high as possible but had to withstand some strength tests.  Firstly they had to predict the height of their tower and then get to building!  The next day we did two tests, the first was a blowing test and in the second we used a hairdryer!!


Sa Bhialann

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This week the 6th Class theme for Irish was “Sa Bhialann”.

We have been learning and using lots of words and phrases all week.  In groups we prepared a “comhrá” on our whiteboards and set up our own “bialann”.  We arranged props, some of us got dressed up and then we performed our “comhrá” in front of the class!

Collection of November art from 6th Class

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Joining in with our Iceland topic, the children completed Aurora Borealis inspired pictures using chalk.

The lightning pictures were created using wax for the lightning, sponging over the page with a collection of colours, waiting until the background was dry and then adding in detail!

Movement Circuits

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Some action shots of 6th Class creating movement circuits using 10-15 different movements in each group!  The children then show the others their circuit and then follow along themselves.

Team Hope Christmas Shoe box Appeal

On Monday, Team Hope came back to school to collect the Christmas shoe boxes which the children had been busily packing over the mid-term break.  Every child carried their shoe box down to the Robert Smyth Hall and built them up against the back wall to make a very colourful mountain!  Sixth Class helped carry out and load the boxes into the Team Hope van.  Well done to all the children who took part! Taney children sent off an amazing 359 boxes to surprise and thrill the lucky boys and girls who receive them; what a fabulous Christmas present to get!!

Rediscovery Centre School Tour

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Last Thursday Sixth Class went on a trip to the Rediscovery Centre.  The children engaged in an “Everyday Engineering” workshop which introduced various engineering concepts and processes, types of engineering, and illustrated how engineering is an essential part of our lives.  The hands-on activities included engineering challenges from K’Nex towers and circuit building, to constructing an earthquake-proof house.  Some of our houses even managed to stay intact during the earthquake!  A great day was had by all.

Australia S.E.S.E.

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As part of our Australia S.E.S.E. topic we are studying the Aboriginal People.  The children created their own Aboriginal dance.  They used instruments to add in a musical element and a beat to follow.

Myths & Legends

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It all began with telling versions of the same myth involving Fionn MacCumhall!  A drama, writing some ideas of our own myth, using a mind-map and then creating our own comic strip myth.

STEM Group Challenges

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The pupils in Sixth Class have been very busy since they returned to school.  We’ve been engaging in STEM group challenges including: Marshmallow Towers and Cup Towers.


Back to School!

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6th Class began their Science for the year with a critical thinking activity!  They had to save Fred the snake/worm using only 4 paperclips and team work!!


It’s that time of the year again!  This year we have 4 chicks between both 6th classes.  A few less than normal but these ones are a lively bunch and are already trying to escape from their box!  The chicks have been on a tour of the school to meet all the children.

Avengers: Infinity War

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As you can see there are some Avengers: Infinity War inspired pieces here!  6th class created these art pieces manipulating chalk using rubbing techniques and rulers.  Some added in detail using a fine liner pen!

6th Class History projects

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6th class have been on a journey in History over the last few months.  We started with Slavery, moved onto The American Civil War, and we have just finished learning about the inspirational Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  What do you think of our MLK inspired art?

Sixth Class Activities

Sixth Class have been very active in recent weeks, having fun at the Sponsored Walk in Marlay, starting the first week of their Cycling Course.  In the classroom too…painting Salvador Dali themed “Spring Birds” and performing a Jackson Five “I Want You Back” inspired drama!