Science Week

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During Science Week second class enjoyed many activities.  We explored air pockets with water and an orange, they created their own lemonade using water, sugar, baking soda and lemon juice.  We created a hurricane in a bottle and explored the idea of an air vortex.  In Maths we worked on symmetry and created Rangoli art on graph paper.  On Friday the children worked in groups to create a parachute for a character of their choice – the children had to problem solve and engineer a parachute that made their character slow down before hitting the ground.  They demonstrated their parachute to each other and then we gave feedback and the children had time to modify their design!

Spooky spells

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A collection of some Halloween themed classwork.  The children had great fun exploring the procedural writing genre using spells!  They then used their knowledge to create their own spell 😊!

In STEM we had great fun creating a pumpkin catapult using various materials!

Greedy Ghosts

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This was a two step art lesson – the first day we drew our ghosts – being careful not to get sharpie on our lovely new desks!  Next we coloured the boarder in marker and used water to spread the marker.  The next day we finished our ghosts adding in all their delicious sweets!

Halloween composition!

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This week we progressed to adding symbols to our rhymes and a rest!  The children created their own 4 beat bar of music (some even created two!).  They then joined with other children in the class to create longer pieces!

Dogs Trust

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The second and third class children were lucky this week as a lady from the Dogs Trust came to speak to them about dogs!  She brought her fluffy toy dog Bruno as the children and her decided that school wouldn’t be the place for a dog to visit – too much noise and no where to go to the bathroom!  The children learnt about how to approach a dog by following WALT – Walk towards, Ask to pet, Let the dog sniff you, Touch!

We also learnt about what to do if a dog chases you – apparently dogs are much more interested in us if we are running away – it’s like a game 😊

Autumn in Second Class

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In second class we have been very enthusiastic about nature collecting during Autumn.  We explored Autumn as Gaeilge, in Art and in S.E.S.E.  We discussed animals, their tracks, different insects and signs of Autumn.  The children traced and drew different tracks, we painted over them in autumnal colours and then returned to add in the details in black paint!

Picker Pals

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Second Class had a very exciting delivery today ! We were all delighted to open the mysterious “Picker Pals” box that arrived in our classroom recently.  We made predictions about what might be inside the box before opening it and finding lots of fun resources!  The children then watched an introductory video to the “Picker Pals” programme and are all very excited to get involved!

Sporty 2nd Class

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As a precursor to Active Schools Week the children made the most of their first Sports’ Day since Junior Infants – the class enjoyed playing games together and snacking before our races, great fun was had by all!

Second class thoroughly enjoyed Active Schools Week with yoga and playball being favourites. In class we tried to incorporate sporting and active activities as much as possible. In English the children created games in groups that involved a hoop/beanbag or no equipment, they then wrote the procedure for how to play the game.  The children then demonstrated how to play the games using bossy, clear language and the rest of the class got the opportunity to play their game!  We completed an orienteering activity around the 3rd and 4th class yard which was excellent as the children really had to explore teamwork strategies.

As Gaeilge we focused on active Caitheamh Aimsire – ag dreapadh, ag imirt peile, ag sleamhnú, ag luascadh etc. It was a fantastic week!

“Gallery in the Classroom”

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Ms. Dolan’s second class attended a “Gallery in the classroom” workshop on zoom that was hosted by the National Gallery of Ireland.  Our tour guide was called Elaine and she guided us through the entrance of the Gallery as well as showing us 5 different pieces of art:

The children responded to the art – discussing what they liked/didn’t like about the pictures.  Elaine told the children some history about each painting and showed its location in the gallery!  It was a wonderful workshop – the children and adults in the room couldn’t wait to visit the gallery in real life soon!

Willy the Wimp

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We explored the character of Willy in Anthony Browne’s book “Willy the Wimp”.  Willy changes from the beginning of the book to the end!  We discussed adjectives to describe Willy at the beginning and at the end of the story, and then the children wrote a paragraph describing him.  They also added in a picture.

Art was inspired by our work on Polar Explorers.  We looked artwork by Ted Harrison and the children discussed the colours that he used.  Some children chose to draw other polar animals such as an Arctic Fox or penguins!

We also looked at the book “Lines and Scribbles” by Debora Vogrig.  Children created artwork inspired by the book – adding in a colour of their choice!

Maths Week Activities

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Second class completed a STEM activity, they predicted what they were going to do with 20 paper ear buds, 10 cubes, some sweets & erasers, and either blue tac or sellotape.  I then asked the children to create Bone Bridge that could hold the sweet & erasers!

We also took part in activities to develop our Maths Eyes, where we took pictures of things in the classroom with our Maths Eyes.  Asking questions and answering each others questions!

We also had some show and tell activities as well as some organic chats by the class library!


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In S.E.S.E we looked at Lighthouses!  We looked at the different parts of the lighthouse as well as locating some on a map in Ireland.

We then read the book ‘Hello Lighthouse’ by Sophie Blackall!  We then discussed a Day in the Life of a Lighthouse Keeper.  The children wrote a recount as the keeper!

We also used the book to discuss adjectives!  We developed nouns, adjectives and “-ing” words to do with the sea and we created Sea Poems.

During Art the children created two backgrounds, one for the back of their poem and the other for their lighthouse!  Thankfully we had Mrs. Power to help us with the painting :)!

Mé Féin

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Second Class have been exploring the Mé Féin theme throughout September.  We finished off all our great work – by creating “Mo theach” with all our information!

International Dot Day in 2nd Class

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After reading The Dot Second Class created Freeze Frames based on the phrase “You can do it!”.  The children froze after 3 and then the rest of the children discussed what they were doing.  Their scenarios included teaching others to look after nature, teachers encouraging children in class, encouraging others when running in a race and supporting a fellow worker on the building site!

Second Class trip to Airfield

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Second Class had a wonderful trip to Airfield.  We had lots of fun learning about different animals and how they contribute to the farm.  We also learnt about the flowers and crops that are grown in Airfield.  We went on a frog search and even caught some in jars!  Finally we had lots of fun playing the the playground.

We all had a fantastic day!

Jack Flash!

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Second class had a very exciting visitor at school today.  Jack Flash, the magician, came in as a special treat!  He did some really cool magic tricks and some very impressive stunts and even had Mr Edgar performing a trick!

2nd Class Sports for All!

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Sports day was a little bit different in second class this year!  We had lots of fun trying different sports.  We did orienteering, relay races, obstacle courses and circuits.  We also had an ice cream to cool us down at the end of the day!

A slimy Science class!

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In Second Class we made slime to celebrate Science Week 2020.  We mixed together pva glue, contact lens solution and baking powder to make the slime.  We had so much fun making it!

Spooky Slime

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Second class made some spooky slime during a science lesson to celebrate Hallowe’en.  We had loads of fun mixing together pva glue, baking powder and contact lense solution to make it.  Happy Hallowe’en from Ms Gallagher’s Second Class!

2nd Class Greenan Farm and Maze

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Second class had a wonderful trip to Greenan Farm in Wicklow.  We had loads of fun playing games with wheelbarrows and learnt about the history of the farm.  We saw loads of farm animals and even got to feed a few of them too.  The best part was all the fun we had in the maze, which was very tricky to find our way out!

2nd Class Gymnastics trip

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Second class went on a school tip to Olympian Gymnastics’ brand new location last week.  We had loads of fun learning new skills like cartwheels, handstands and scorpion kicks.  We also had an amazing bouncy castle at the end.

“Hoodwinked”- a Swashbuckling Robin Hood Musical

The extra-curricular drama club, for 2nd and 3rd class children, had yet another successful term. Throughout the term the children practised the basics of stagecraft including imagination and creativity through expression and articulation. The children’s self-confidence and self-discipline thrived throughout the term and their hard work paid off in their end of term performance.

The children performed “Hoodwinked”- a Swashbuckling Robin Hood Musical for 1st-6th Classes and again for their families at the grand Finale on Thursday 11th April. All of the children who participated should be very proud of themselves – it was a fantastic performance!

Be Active!……Number Hunt and Obstacle Course

This Easter, the Active School Committee designed a wonderful Easter Number Hunt and Obstacle Course.  Both 2nd Classes had a great time searching for their numbers inside the eggs which were hidden around the playground.  When they found their number, they moved on to the obstacle course.  Thank you very much to the Active School Committee for designing the obstacle course and for helping the children through various sections of it!  Check out some of our photos which show the Active School Committee preparing the course and also capture 2nd Class having an exciting time completing it!

School Play “Dragon Days”

Children from 2nd and 3rd Classes participated in an after school Drama Club last term.  Over the course of the term the boys and girls were hard at work learning lines from the play “Dragon Days”, which they performed for parents just before the Easter break.  Ms. Warren and Ms. Lawrence were so impressed by how well they could sing, dance and deliver their lines in front of such a big audience.  Well done!