Tim Burton Art

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Fourth class have been inspired by the creativity of Tim Burton.  Using charcoal and chalk we created our own self portraits inspired by his style.  Have a look at how well they all turned out and enjoy!

Sports Ireland tour

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Fourth Class had a wonderful time on their school sports tour.  They had the opportunity to try a wide variety of different sports from the long jump to gymnastics, relay running to basketball ! It was an action packed, fun filled day for everyone!

Henrietta Street visit

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The 4th class historians had a great time visiting Henrietta Street where they learned all about how this house and the people who lived in it changed over time.  They saw how the house changed from a mansion for the very rich to tenements for the very poor.  It was a fascinating tour which made us all appreciate our homes even more!

Archaeology Workshops

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Fourth Classes were both very lucky to have a very special visitor who came to school this week – Frankie the archaeologist!  Frankie did some extremely interesting workshops with us all about archaeology and the Vikings.  We got to ask lots of questions, work as history detectives and handle some amazing artefacts!

From Viking warriors to cesspits, slaves to jewellery we learned a huge amount about Viking times.

Playground structures

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Fourth Class had a great time planning, building and testing our playground structures.  We used a variety of different shapes and folding techniques to make fun and stable structures.  We then created our own tinfoil testers to make sure our playgrounds would pass health and safety tests!

New dance moves

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Fourth class have had a wonderful time learning lots of new dance moves – here are some pictures of everyone busy moving to the rhythm and the beat of the music!

Winter Olympics

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Fourth Class had great fun planning, designing and making skiers made out of tin foil inspired by the Winter Olympics.   All of the creations were tested on the Taney slopes!


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Here are the fourth class engineers hard at work!  As teams they figured out how to construct a working aqueduct which transports water!

Romero Britto

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Fourth class have recently been inspired by the bright, vibrant and colourful work of the artist Romero Britto.  Here are some examples of our work!!

Viking projects

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The pupils in Ms Gorman’s completed wonderful Viking projects.  It was excellent to hear so many interesting facts.  Have a look at the pictures below of some of the projects.  The clay models, inspired by the Vikings, are very cool too! Well done, 4th Class!


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Fourth Class have been very busy learning about the Vikings.  We completed group projects and collages based on the Viking longships.  As well as this, the pupils have been working very hard on their individual Viking research projects and it’s been wonderful to hear the fascinating facts as they present their projects to the class.  Well done Fourth Class!

Tim Burton inspired portraits

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Fourth Class had a wonderful time creating Tim Burton inspired portraits.  We used both charcoal and chalk which we blended together to make some spectacular, spooky effects.  Here are some photographs of our wonderful creations!

Kensuke’s Kingdom

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Ms. Gorman’s class completed wonderful artwork based on their class novel “Kensuke’s Kingdom” by Michael Morpurgo.  Look at the beautiful colours used to create the sunset scene.  Well done, Fourth Class!

Pasta Masterpiece

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First the pencil drawing… Then it’s cut into pieces and each group works on one piece… Then the background is painted… And finally all the pieces come together again.

4th Class Sports Day

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We had great fun on Wednesday when we had our Sports for All Day.  We had a zumba class, an obstacle course, played board games and ran races.  All topped off with a visit from the icecream van and a 99 each!!

Fourth Class have been busy!

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Take a look at all our work:


Fourth Class Art: How to achieve the illusion of perspective using a vanishing point.

Fourth Class have been studying the STONE AGE.  What fantastic models they have made and also some “genuine” cave paintings.

The Provinces of Ireland: Well researched, Fourth Class!

Butterflies & Grassheads!

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Well, the caterpillars were really well looked after and turned into butterflies!  Can you can see their empty cocoons?  Then the butterflies were fed on flowers and fruit with sugar sprinkled on.  At last they were ready to fly away.  They are all released back into nature now.  Can you find out what type of butterfly they are?

Bald for now!  Will Mr. Grasshead have hair the next time you see him?

Fourth Class work last week

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Project Work:

What fabulous research!  Enjoy these projects on Native Americans and on Italy.  Be amazed at an operational wind turbine in Science!

Creative Corner:

Here’s a few great ideas…. Grow your own butterflies from scratch!  (Watch this space and see how they turn out!) …. or make an art piece using 2D shapes… or bake your own pizza and feed your family!

SPHE: Line for a walk meditation:

And now for something calming and meditative exploring the power of now!

Making the Most of our Time at home!

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It’s great to see what life skills and creative pursuits the children have been engaged in at home. Enjoy our creations, they’re impressive!

In our weird time of hibernation, I’m delighted to see that knitting is still alive and well!

4th Class work this week!

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This week we were studying rocks and researching famous buildings and tourist attractions with this in mind.

Here’s a lovely picture and project on the Taj Mahal, which shines elegantly in white marble and a colourful project about Japan.  Learn some interesting facts about the Burren from this interesting project.

Also here’s some work on the Indigenous peoples/ Native American Indians.

Colourful pigs!

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In Ms. Gorman’s 4th Class, the children were busy making their papier mache pigs.  They created wonderful pigs.  Look at the beautiful designs and bright colours!

Habitat for Humanity 6 a-side Hockey Tournament

Six Taney teams comprising of both boys and girls from 4th Class took part in the annual Habitat for Humanity Fundraising 6 a-side hockey tournament on Tuesday 4th February in Wesley College.  It was a fantastic afternoon, with plenty of great hockey played and oodles of fun.  All teams did very well in their groups.  One of the Taney teams made it to the final against Whitechurch having beaten Kill of the Grange in the Semi- final.  They played extremely well and it was a great, and very close game, but were unfortunately defeated by just one goal.  It was great to see such fantastic school spirit with all the Taney teams staying around to cheer them on in both the semi final and final.

Fourth Class Tour to the National Sports Campus and Aquatic Centre

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This year, the two fourth classes went to the Aquatic Centre and the Sports Arena on the school tour.

The children spent the first half of the day exploring the water slides, lazy river and numerous pool facilities. After a short break they were split into two groups and taught by a professional Olympian how to carry out different moves and skills on a trampoline.

They then carried out different balancing and strength activites such as walking across narrow surfaces and hanging on to a high bar for an extended period of time.

The children also watched some of the junior Irish team train which was incredible and very inspiring.

Every child came home with good reports and exhausted from their busy day. It was a brilliant way to end a fantastic year.

Irish PE!

Fourth Class joined Sixth Class to try out a variety of Irish physical activity stations. Sixth Class worked hard to design their stations and write clear instructions in Irish. They carefully explained each station ‘as Gaeilge’ to the Fourth Class groups and provided demonstrations for them too! Everyone had great fun!

Native Americans

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Over the past two weeks, Ms Kiersey’s 4th class have been learning about Native Americans.

To help them get a better insight into the life of a Native American, they made their own Tipi (Also known as Teepee) using natural objects and some even used flowers and crushed plants to design the outside.

They discovered facts about Sitting Bull, the Powhatan tribe and the history of Dream catchers which they also made in Art.

The children have also begun to design their own totem poles.

Cricket Season in full swing

Taney Cricket started with training before Easter.  We had a great take up this year with 36 boys and girls participating from 6th Class.

The 4th Class entered the Cricket Leinster Schools competition for the first time and played Matches against Willow Park, St Mary’s and CUS.  They were also invited to play in a Cricket Leinster cricket blitz in Terenure Cricket Club and three 4th class teams travelled on the day.

We played in the 6th Class Schools Leprechaun Cup softball and hardball competitions and competed really well and all the children got to play for Taney Parish Primary School in a competitive game.

Training will continue in Marlay Park every Wednesday for the Summer Term.

4th Class trip to National Museum of Ireland

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On Friday 10 May, the 4th Classes of Dr. Brook and Ms. Kiersey ventured back in time with a trip to the National Museum of Ireland.  Journeying by Luas from Dundrum to Dawson Street, the children took a quick pit stop in the sunshine for a snack before walking across to the archaeological museum beside Leinster House.  Split into five groups and tasked with worksheets, the children made their way around the exhibits featuring ornaments, weaponry, implements and artefacts from the Viking, Celtic and Early Christian eras as well as the Bronze and Iron Ages.  The meeting point (and undoubted highlight) were the sacrificial bog bodies relating to sovereignty and kingship rituals during the latter age. The trip concluded with a stroll to St. Stephen’s Green, where the children ate their lunches amidst the local birds and a life-size hamburger!

4th Class visit Explorium

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Before the Easter break, 4th class went to Explorium to discover new things about science.  The children spent half the day testing out experiments and doing hands on activities where they looked at optical illusions, gravity, energy and forces, plus much more.

They then spent the other half of the day challenging themselves on the climbing walls.

All the children seemed to have a positive experience and thoroughly enjoyed getting involved in all aspects of the day.


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In Dr Brook’s 4th Class the children have been very busy making papier mache pigs.  Aren’t they colourful!

Art class in the sunshine

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Last week during the beautiful sunshine Ms. Kiersey’s 4th class brought their art less outside and studied the detail of a leaf.  They practised shading, perspective, lines and focused on detail.

4th Class news

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Over the past few weeks Ms Kiersey’s 4th class have been learning about sound and how it is created by vibrations. To test this, each child was given the task of creating a guitar. This helped us to learn about the effect of the different size strings and hollows on the sound. We had a competition on the best sound and best appearance.


In Maths, we were learning about area and perimeter. The children used their knowledge and new skills to create a blue print of their dream houses.


In Geography, the children were put into small groups and asked to create a project based on a country of their choice. Each group created a poster with fun facts, photos, drawings and information on their country that they researched using ipads, books and computers. The children then presented their projects to their peers and carried out a short quiz to ensure they learned from one another.

Knitting all over the place!

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Dr Brook’s 4th Class have been very busy over recent weeks learning to knit…..knitting all over the place, anywhere goes!!

We starting off by making fingerless gloves but now that we have mastered the basics we are knitting teddy bears.  Thanks so much to our wonderful parents and friends for all your help!

Knitting is fun….wish you were here!

Peace Proms

Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Classes performed at the Peace Proms concert at the RDS on Sunday 3rd February.

Peace Proms celebrates culture and diversity and promotes peace, tolerance and unity through music.  It was a unique experience where our pupils were afforded the opportunity to perform songs and dance moves with a live orchestra and dozens of other schools from all over Ireland!  The President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins, even came to watch our performance!

It was a most memorable day for pupils, teachers and families alike.

Monster Heads

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Ms. Kiersey’s 4th Class have also been experimenting with clay in art to create “monster heads”.  They had to include a range of different clay skills during this activity.


“Countries” Project

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Ms. Kiersey’s 4th Class have started working in pairs to create a project on a country of their choice.  Their task is to include drawings, information and fun facts about the country.  They will then present their finished poster to their peers and each group will learn from each other.  They are using the ipad, atlas and books to source their information.

4th Class visit St. Nahi’s Church

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On Tuesday 9th October, both 4th Classes were treated to the annual trip to St Nahi’s Church in Dundrum.  The classes each spent a couple of hours getting to know the history of the church and surrounding area thanks to a very animated and interesting presentation by Reverend Cathy.  The children were entralled as she regaled them with tales of the Dublin slums, diseases of the day, graverobbers and graveside shoot-outs.  They were also surprised by the fact that Taney School had once been located in the Church before moving to the cottages in the Parish Centre and elsewhere.  The children got to explore by virtue of a questionnaire and Reverend Nigel completed the tour with a walk-through of the cemetery, pointing out some of the more famous people buried in the grounds.

4th Class CPR Awareness

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Adams Gift is a campaign run every October by Order of Malta Ireland to promote CPR awareness.  Adam was the 13 year old son of a member of the Order of Malta who died suddenly – his mum started the initiative in his memory.  Yesterday (also World Restart a Heart day) 4th class learned the importance of bystander CPR.  They learned to call an ambulance, get a defibrillator and give compressions (to the tune of Baby Shark 100-120 beats per minute!).  The message is if you find someone unresponsive and not breathing: call for help, ask someone to get an AED and give compressions – push hard and fast in the centre of the chest.  Any standard of CPR is better than no CPR.  Anyone can save a life!  All of the 4th Class pupils were presented with certificates for CPR awareness.


Active Fourth Class!

Everyone in Fourth Class has been having great fun over the past few weeks!  We have been very active with Movement Breaks, Adventure Trails and Walk for Water on Your Funky Feet!  Check out some of our funky shoe designs.