Space week

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The children in Mr. Ross’s 5th Class have been learning about Space from home.  They completed fantastic and informative projects and also listened to David Bowie’s famous song Space Oddity.  The children responded to the song with some creative and talented responses!

Andy Goldsworthy inspired Environmental Art

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5th Class created environmental art last week by using found objects in their garden or around their house.  This art activity was inspired by Andy Goldsworthy, an environmental artist who uses leaves, stones, sticks and sometimes even ice to make artworks and sculptures.  Well done 5th class!

Author comes to visit

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Author Brian Gallagher came into to chat to 5th class.  He spoke about what it is like to be an author.  5th class have read his novel “Secrets and Shadows” which is set during World War II.  They were so excited to meet him and ask him lots of questions.  We even go to hear him read an excerpt from his latest novel!  On World Book Day we dressed up as our favourite book characters.

Great Irish Famine

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The children in Mr. Ross’ fifth class have been learning about the Great Irish Famine.  They showed fantastic skills as young historians and completed research in order to compile what they have learned into factbooks.  They did extremely well and showed great understanding and empathy towards the trials and suffering of the Famine.  They also constructed excellent Coffin Ships at home!

Engineering Week in 5th Class

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As part of Engineer week we had a building challenge using marshmallows and spaghetti to see who could build the strongest structure!

We also had a talk from an Engineer who came in to tell us all about his work.

Engineers Week

Sixth class enjoyed a day of engineering inspired activities on Friday.

From teaching Junior Infants about Forces using toy cars, Team Work using paper cups and developing their Problem Solving skills using trains and Lego to having a talk from a real life Engineer!

After their talk 6th class had to create a sound structure using spaghetti and mini marshmallows that could hold a toy car!  They found this part quite challenging however we had one or two successful attempts!

Jeanie Johnston & Epic Irish Emigration Museum

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After showing a deep interest in the Great Irish Famine and enthusiasm to learn more, both fifth classes headed to thte Jeanie Johnston famine ship and Epic Irish Emigration Museum to find out even more!  We had an excellent day touring the Famine ship and finding out about all the amazing history and achievements of Irish emigrants across the world!

The Irish Famine – 5th Class trip

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5th class had a really enjoyable class trip to the Epic Emigration Museum and the Jeanie Johnson famine ship.  We have been learning about the Irish Famine in 5th class this year and we learned so much about what it was like aboard a famine ship.  We had great fun in the Epic Museum and learned lots about Irish people who emigrated all over the world!

The Election Process

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Ms. Lawrence’s Fifth Class were learning all about the election process this week and created their own parties and wrote their own manifestos.  After making speeches to the other classes, the children from 5th and 6th class casted their votes at our balloting station.  Well done to the five candidates who ran for election!

Proportion & Shading

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We have been working on life drawing in Mr. Ross’s fifth class.  This week we used what we have learned about proportion and shading to complete a picture of half of our face.  It proved to be quite the challenge but we are very impressed by the results!  Well done!

World War II Exhibition

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Mr. Ross’s Fifth Class held an exhibition of their World War Two projects, for their parents.  It was a great chance to showcase the outstanding research and hard work carried out by every child in the class.  The children compiled display books summarising all of the information they learned about the war, based on their chosen topics and they also designed their own propaganda posters.  Well done to all!

Talent Show

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The children in 5th class took part in a talent show to mark the end of a very busy term.  We were treated to a huge variety of different performances, showcasing the talent in both classes.  Well done to the winners, the runners up and to all who took part.  What a perfect way to celebrate the beginning of holidays.  Merry Christmas!

The Normans

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The children in Mr. Ross’ 5th class have been researching and learning about the Normans.  They’ve learned so much and did some amazing projects on the work.  They really taught me a few things about the Normans too!  Well done!

Bake Off

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5th class had great fun recently having a bake off!  We used lots of maths skills to measure our ingredients but the best part was getting to taste everything afterwards!

Budding Authors

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In Ms. Hanbidge’s fifth class the children have been working hard to write Irish books over the last little while.  We were very excited to head down to Mrs. Wilson’s senior infants to read our stories to them.  They were excellent listeners and knew so many great Gaeilge words already!

Causey Farm

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Fifth classes enjoyed a very muddy and messy day at Causey Farm this week.  A bit of rain didn’t dampen our spirits as we played the bodhran, visited the animals and explored some mazes.  The sun came out just in time for the main event……bog jumping!!

A big thanks to Ms. Kelly and Ms. Gorman for coming with us and making sure we all got out of the bog in one piece.

Take a look at some action shots!

Sewing skills

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In Ms. Hanbidge’s class we’ve been learning about stitching and embroidery.  Although tricky at first, once we got into the swing of it some of us produced lovely works.  We made clouds with faces, words, rainbows and ribbons.  Take a look!

Active Week in Fifth Class 

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Fifth class were put though their paces last week.  We began the week with fitness classes and mindful moments.  We tested our heart rates and how they were changes during exercise circuits.  We went swimming on Wednesday and challenged ourselves with Monkey Gym on Thursday.  Our busy week was rounded up with great fun on a gloriously sunny Sports Day.  A big thank you to Ms. Coe for organising so many great activities!

Famine Ships 

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Fifth Class have been learning about The Great Famine in SESE this term.  One aspect we looked at was mass emigration to places like the UK, Canada and America.  The children worked hard to research famine ships and try their hand at making the own ships.  Well done to all the children for their impressive ingenuity, almost all floated!

Senior Girls Soccer

We are fortunate to have a very committed group of girls from 4th to 6th class participating in Senior Soccer this year.  They have been training hard every Thursday afternoon in Leicester Celtic, come hail or shine!!  This year the girls team is entered for the Dublin Primary Schools Cup and League.  Unfortunately the girls were beaten in a tough Cup match by a more experienced team from Malahide.  However, since that loss, they are unbeaten in the League, with one match to go!  After Easter the girls will train on a Friday afternoon instead, on the grass pitch in Marlay Park.


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In Ms.Hanbidge’s fifth class we’ve been learning about Antarctica.  We’ve about the famous adventurers like Tom Crean and Ernest Shackleton.

We’ve also explored the climate and how this affects the animal and plant life.

We completed some experiments to find out which material was the best insulator.  This helped us make very interesting hybrid creature that could withstand Antarctic life.  Lots of fun!

St. Gerard’s End of Season Girls Hockey Tournament for Primary School League

Taney Girls played in St. Gerard’s end of season tournament for the Primary School League.  A total of 30 schools took part,including Taney’s A and B Teams.  Both teams came home with silver medals, playing Whitechurch and St. Matthew’s in their respective finals.  Despite some nasty weather the girls and their supporting parents had a great afternoon.  Many thanks to our coaches for all their support and input!

Fifth Class Dublinia Tour

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The tow 5th classes hugely enjoyed learning more about Viking and Medieval Dublin on our trip to Dublinia.

Lots of fun was had by all as we tried on some Viking armour, took a longboat trip and visited the docks.

We explored a home from medieval Dublin!  Although it was charming, Fifth Class have decided we much prefer having our own space and functioning toilets.

In the Norman Ireland section we saw Dublin city being built, took a trip to medieval fair and encountered the (rather disgusting) bubonic plague and its victims.

A very exciting day out!

Seo Faisin! 

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Bhí seo faisin againn i rang Ms.Hanbidge an tseachtain seo chaite. Phioc na daltaí éadaí seolta agus scríobh gach duine sliocht ag cur síos ar a gcuid éadaí. De hAoine bhí spraoi againn ag féachaint ar na feisteáin a bhí roghnaithe.

Féach ar na ghrianghraif!

Peace Proms

Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Classes performed at the Peace Proms concert at the RDS on Sunday 3rd February.

Peace Proms celebrates culture and diversity and promotes peace, tolerance and unity through music.  It was a unique experience where our pupils were afforded the opportunity to perform songs and dance moves with a live orchestra and dozens of other schools from all over Ireland!  The President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins, even came to watch our performance!

It was a most memorable day for pupils, teachers and families alike.

Scientific Thinkers

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In Ms. Hanbidge’s fifth class we’ve been working on our engineering skills by building Marshmallow and Spaghetti Towers, testing catapults and exploring the link between our senses and taste!  Delicious and educational.

Science Week Fun

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Ms. Hanbidge’s class have been very busy working on bridges for homework.

The children had to use recycled materials to build a bridge of any kind at home.  We then tested these in class for strength and stability.

Ms. Hanbidge was very impressed at the creativity and logical thinking used to build such super structures!

Well done to all the boys and girls for their hard work.  A big thank you also to the parents who worked to procure interesting materials and offer their tips and tricks to support the children.

Election Day

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After a busy few weeks of working on our manifestos, poster making and speech writing in our campaign teams Ms. Hanbidge’s class held an election.  This fell on the same day as our actual Presidential Election too which added to the excitement.  A huge congratulations to all the candidates who gave eloquent speeches to both Fifth Classes.  Congratulations to one of the boys, who was elected as class president after an exciting vote count!

The Normans in Ireland

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In September Ms. Hanbidge’s class were busy learning all about the Normans in Ireland.  We learned about their lives, weapons and the huge changes they brought to Ireland.  As part of this topic we built some fabulous motte and baileys and stone castles.  We also tried our hand at feasting like the Normans by making Norman gingerbread.  It wasn’t quite as good as the gingerbread today.  The recipe is here if anyone is feeling brave!

Garda Community Programme

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Yesterday we had our final visits from Garda Anne Marie and Garda Ivan.  They’ve been into fifth class multiple times this year discussing internet safety, Halloween safety and crime investigation.  For our last day we visited the station and the cells.  Although they were bigger and more modern that expected, we do think we’ll avoid visiting again!!

Bike Week

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To celebrate Bike Week Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council and InSync Street Velodrome invited our class for a free session.  We had great fun working with the cycling leaders as we raced around the track.  Some of us even tried on the Cathaoirleach’s chain.  Take at look at some photos!

Imagine Dundrum visit

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We were very lucky in Fifth Class to have two visits over the last two weeks from Imagine Dundrum, a local historian, an urbanist and an architect. So exciting!  We went on a walking tour of Dundrum and took part in a mapping workshop.  Take a look at our budding city planners hard at work imaginging their future Dundrum.

Causey Farm

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5th Class had a fantastic day out on Causey Farm.  The weather was brilliant and the pupils thoroughly enjoyed jumping into the bog! We also met some adorable puppies and other animals.  Take a look at our photos!

Famine Ships

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In Ms. Hanbidge’s class we are learning about the Irish Famine.  For independent homework over the last week the children produced famine ship reports and built their own ships.  The criteria was that the boat needed to float, be made of recycled material and have a name.  Here’s some pictures of the Duffy Dinghy, SS Potato, Shippy McShipface, The Death Ride, The Death Star and many more!  Well done boys and girls!

Gymnastics, Dancing and more!

In Ms. Hanbidge’s class we held a talent show recently.  It was all organised by our resident class band “The Creeps” who had the idea, made the application forms, completed the running order, judged and even bought treats for the classes.  They are excellent event planners.  Well done to our fabulous gymnasts, magicians, dancers, actors, musicians and singers!

Active Maths!

Fifth class enjoyed some fun maths this week as we used m&ms to explore theoretical and experimental probability.  Having them as a snack at the end was very welcome too.

Making the most of our fabulous weather we moved outdoors to finish our maths lesson.  While outside we played maths tag too.  Fifth class love active maths!

Seó Faisín

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Bhí Seó Faisín againn i rang a cúig inniu.  Bhí éadaí an-ait á gcaitheamh ag na daltaí.  Ach, bhí a bhfeisteas chomh seolta!  Bhí gach saghas rud le feiceáil, chonaic mé tumadóir, bean galánta, fear gnó le cupáin caife, sagart, béar agus bainis.  Maith sibh gach duine!!

Engineer’s Week

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For a (slightly delayed) Engineer’s Week Ms Hanbidge’s class were challenged to make a bridge at home.  With very little information to go on it was time to get creative.  Our criteria were as follows:

It should be at least 40 cm long.  It should be able to support 50g.  It should be free standing.  It should be made from recyclable materials.  A toy car should be able to travel across it.

These structures were excellent and showed some super creative and logical thinking.  They surpassed all expectations, we may have some civil engineers in the making here.  Well done 5th class!

5th Class Dublinia Trip

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Both 5th classes hugely enjoyed learning more about Viking and Medieval Dublin on a recent trip to Dublinia.

We tried on some helmets and had a lot of fun looking at the exhibition!  There was a trip on a Viking longboat, a visit to the docks to try buy some slaves and tested out their homes.  After learning about their toilets we really appreciate our modern comforts!  While exploring Norman Ireland we saw Dublin city being built, took a trip to a medieval fair and encountered the (rather disgusting) bubonic plague and its victims.  We even saw a real skeleton uncovered by archaeologists.

A very exciting day out!