It’s that time of the year again!  This year we have 4 chicks between both 6th classes.  A few less than normal but these ones are a lively bunch and are already trying to escape from their box!  The chicks have been on a tour of the school to meet all the children.

3rd class trip to St. Patrick’s Cathedral

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The children in 3rd class visited St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  They had a tour of the cathedral followed by three fantastic workshops.  In the cathedral they saw The Door of Reconciliation…..this is where the phrase “chancing your arm” comes from. The first workshop was an arts and crafts workshop where the children made stained glass windows.  These can be seen in the corridor and the classrooms.  They then did a singing workshop with a professional singer in the Lady Chapel.  They finished the day with a workshop on the organ and how it works.  They learned to play a tune together as a class!



School Play “Dragon Days”

Children from 2nd and 3rd Classes participated in an after school Drama Club last term.  Over the course of the term the boys and girls were hard at work learning lines from the play “Dragon Days”, which they performed for parents just before the Easter break.  Ms. Warren and Ms. Lawrence were so impressed by how well they could sing, dance and deliver their lines in front of such a big audience.  Well done!

3rd Class Visit to the Hugh Lane Gallery

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Third class visited the Hugh Lane Gallery and really enjoyed a very interesting tour. We concentrated on impressionist artists, Claude Monet in particular. We also heard the story of Harry Clarke’s stained glass window. We spent some time sketching our favourite pieces.

Finally, you can’t visit the Hugh Lane without checking out Francis Bacon’s extremely untidy studio! A great morning was had by all!

Back at school again we had a chance to try reproduce some of the works of art we saw.


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