Science Week in Third Class

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Science week was so much fun in third class.  We learned that science is not all about test tubes and explosions.  We really enjoyed learning about how science is used in forensics and also in the food industry.  Every afternoon we completed an activity on Seesaw which seemed to be enjoyed by all the family.  We discovered how to take our own pulse, what baby animal we are most similar to, we tried to create a device that would protect an egg from breaking when it was dropped from a height and finally we attempted to keep a pile of coins stacked up while removing the lowest one using a butter knife.  We did actually finish the week with a small explosion in the yard… the ‘drop some mentos sweets into a bottle of coke’ trick!!!

Well done to everyone for super participation!


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Mrs. Duffy’s 3rd class have had great fun dancing through PE classes.  Last week we made up moves to the song Dance Monkey and this past week we have been learning the moves to Ghostbusters!

Hallowe’en comes early to 3rd class!

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To celebrate a wonderful Autumn term of really hard work, Mrs Duffy’s class had a super last day before heading off for the half term break.  All of us put great effort into dressing up in costumes.  We had a pod quiz which was great fun, with a very close finish but the “Marvellous Matildas” won in the end!  We did our final Ghostbusters dance.  We ate “báirín braic” while watching Hotel Transylvania!

Well done to all and have a spooktacular week everyone!

Tones and shades

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Mrs Duffy’s 3rd class were making tones and shades using one colour and black and white.  It was quite challenging!  Then Mrs Duffy asked us to paint a picture with only one colour!!!  They look really good in the end!

Construction Time

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Mrs. Duffy’s 3rd class were looking at buildings and bridges.  We tried to construct our own bridges using only lollipop sticks and glue!  Bridges had to be at least 30cm long and be able to hold 10 unifix cubes.  Our designs were all quite similar.  We had great fun doing this activity.

Bird Watchers

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This week third class were bird watching.  One of our activities was to make your own bird feeder.  We had great fun doing this and also discovered lots of birds that are visiting our gardens!

Solar System

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Last week third class were exploring the solar system.  We discovered the names of all the planets and how far away they are from earth.  We also wrote some very imaginative stories, pretending to be an alien and finally we produced some amazing displays of the planets for art!

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