Third Class Tour to Zip It

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Third Class had an amazing day at Zip It in Tibradden Wood.  When we arrived, we had to get our safety harnesses on and then do some training before heading off on the different colour courses.  We got to try three courses, each one higher and harder than the last.  We had a super day flying through the trees, cheering on our friends and offering words of encouragement and praise to each other!

After completing three hours on the courses we had a very quick picnic before heading back to school.

It was a tiring day but we all had a fantastic time!😊

Active Third Class

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This term Third Class were very active.  We had a great time racing in our team colours at Sports Day and the following week enjoyed ice creams at the end of a busy Active Week.

Dance Class

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Third Class have been having a ball during their dance class every Monday.  They have been concentrating each week to learn all kinds of energetic and fun routines!

Halloween work in 3rd Class

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Here are our Spooky Houses.  Third Class were very creative and even added surprises behind the windows and doors!

Third Class children also worked really hard this week to write Halloween stories as Gaeilge!

3rd Class School Trip

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Last Tuesday and this Monday Ms Kelly’s and Mrs Duffy’s Third Classes went to the Taney Lawn Tennis Club for their Summer outings.  We had beautiful, sunny weather both days, which was just perfect for the trip.  When we got to the tennis courts we had a lovely picnic.  After that we practised our tennis skills and played a few games and even had a few matches.  We had a great time and really enjoyed the day!

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