World Book Week in 6th Class

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6th class had a busy week this week.

They created their own picture books to read to the Junior Infants on World Book Week.  As authors and illustrators of their own books, they worked tremendously hard.

They enjoyed dressing up and having a Literacy based week!  The best part?  Reading homework!!

Engineers Week

Sixth class enjoyed a day of engineering inspired activities on Friday.

From teaching Junior Infants about Forces using toy cars, Team Work using paper cups and developing their Problem Solving skills using trains and Lego to having a talk from a real life Engineer!

After their talk 6th class had to create a sound structure using spaghetti and mini marshmallows that could hold a toy car!  They found this part quite challenging however we had one or two successful attempts!

Food Science

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In science 6th have been learning about the benefits of various foods.  The class completed projects on one type of food and then created a recipe including the specific food.  The recipes and food posted can be found along the senior school corridor for healthy and delicious inspiration!!  There have been a range of tasters over the last couple of weeks, from beef to grapefruit ice pops, from smoothies to jack fruit ice cream!  Flapjacks, salsa and chips, homemade beetroot burgers!  We have been busy!

Active body, healthy foods.

Sixth Class recognise that being physically active is extremely important.  However, it is also vital that we have a balanced diet as our bodies need a variety of foods so that they can grow, repair, give us energy etc.

We conducted research and designed a web page that encourages children to eat healthy food and snacks.  We presented our findings and some of us even whipped up samples for the class to try!  Our wonderful web pages, with suggestions and recipes are available to view on the Active School Notice Board.

Buddy Time

Junior Infants and Sixth Class buddied up for some exciting station activities.

In the Sixth Class room, they read together in the library and designed some most impressive buildings using marshmallows and sticks.  They also programmed robot mice to run through a tricky maze to get the delicious cheese!

In the Junior Infant room, the children used both English and Gaeilge to converse when visiting the shop and the restaurant.

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