Fun run into the Christmas Holidays

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The last couple of weeks has been lots of fun in Sixth Class.  We have been making pom-pom penguins and performing dramas.  A particular highlight was when the Taney Year of 2021 Hoodies arrived!

Happy Christmas from Sixth Class!

Hard work in 6th class! 

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We worked on procedural writing in both Gaeilge and English.  Writing recipes in both languages!

We are reading Holes by Louis Sachar.  We wrote a newspaper article on Kissin’ Kate Barlow who is an important character in the book!  We used to book to research facts about Kate, and created an enticing Headline and first paragraph!

We also have been learning about The Industrial Revolution, our inventors projects will be coming soon!

English, Irish and PE!

The pupils in Sixth Class have been focusing on Procedural Writing and the use of “instruction verbs” in English and Irish.  In PE, each pod created a game using some equipment.  Using the procedural writing genre, we wrote some fantastic instructions for the games we created.  Another pod followed the steps to try out our games.  As you can see, we had great fun!

When P.E., English and homework are combined!!! 

The children this week are focussing on orders in Irish and English.  In P.E. class today they had to plan a game with their pod using a small amount of equipment and then tonight they will write up the game and have it ready to hand in on Friday!

There are three challenges:

  1. Working together to create an idea.
  2. Creating a game with a small amount of equipment.
  3. Creating a game that had 8 steps.

Science Week in Sixth Class

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Sixth Class had lots of fun during Science Week.  We conducted an experiment to show that “Air Exerts Pressure”.  The card stayed put on some containers but there were lots of giggles when one or two experiments didn’t quite work out!

We also investigated aerodynamics and made paper gliders and aeroplanes.  Some children adjusted their models in an attempt to make them go further.  This is what engineers often do when testing out their new products and designs.  We had some travel well over 8 metres!

Many of us also designed posters for the “ESB Stay Safe, Stay Clear” competition.  This competition promotes the importance of staying safe outdoors when near electricity poles and overhead wires.

Science Week: “Flights Distances Workshop”

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Last week 6th class took part in a “Flights Distances Workshop” where they designed a paper airplane and threw it to see how far it would go in metres.  The children then had the opportunity to return to the class and change or alter the design and then have a second try to see if they could get the plane to go even further!!  Some children even counted how long their airplane was airborne for, the average time was about 2-3 seconds!

Science week: “Air exerts pressure”

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6th class enjoyed getting soaked this week when the experiment we were doing went wrong!  We were trying to show that ‘”Air exerts pressure”!  Many pupils were successful, however some ended up getting drenched, much to their delight!!

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