Cycle Safety

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There was great excitement in 6th class when we could take part in a normal 6th class activity 😊!  The children had a wonderful time and the instructors were delighted with the children’s positive attitudes!

The Human Digestive System

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We have been learning all about the Human Digestive System.  We looked at the various parts and explored their functions.  We also conducted an interesting experiment to investigate how the digestive system works.

Sixth Class work

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It was lovely to be back in school.  The pupils in Sixth Class have produced some wonderful work!  We created our own intricate Celtic Knot designs and cute Clay Cupcakes.  We also looked at “line” and “mark making” and used these skills to sketch some well-known parts of Dublin’s fair city.

Back to school in the sunshine!

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Sixth Class were delighted to be back in school this week!  We had an Irish Day on Tuesday – beginning with P.E. games “as Gaeilge” where the children had to explain the games to each other in simple Irish!

Later that afternoon Ms. Fenlon taught the children a song and they sung it outside in the sun, much to the delight of passers by and waiting parents 😊

Fun run into the Christmas Holidays

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The last couple of weeks has been lots of fun in Sixth Class.  We have been making pom-pom penguins and performing dramas.  A particular highlight was when the Taney Year of 2021 Hoodies arrived!

Happy Christmas from Sixth Class!

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