Nelson Mandela

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As part of our Nelson Mandela discovery, we looked at some of his most famous quotes.  We discussed why his quotes were famous and why his words were important.  The class looked at different quotes and then chose the one that stood out to them the most and created a poster to represent the words!

The day we were left with 14!

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On Tuesday 1 June our Sixth Classes were reduced to 14 people between the two classes because of an entrance exam.  So we went on a Nature Walk to Ballawley Park.  While on the walk Ms. Dolan’s dogs happened to be out for a walk.  They very much enjoyed all the attention and pets!


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Kindness has been a focus of our classroom from Day 1 of this year!

It is always good to remind ourselves of the importance of being kind to one another and to ensure that every one in our class feels safe and welcome in school!

African masks!

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Firstly 6th class planned their African masks – deciding what colours and materials they were going to use!

They then spent two classes preparing the different sections and adding in particular details – all of the effort was worth it 😊!

Goodnight Mr Tom

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Our novel this term is Goodnight Mr. Tom.  The children are really enjoying the storyline and exploring the different characters.  This week we completed a contrast poem between the main character and his two different personalities!

The Digestive System

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In Science recently 6th class were learning about the delightful inner workings of our digestive system – what better way to consolidate learning than to model digestion in the classroom!!!

Bird projects 🦅

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6th class have been learning lots about different types of birds!  We did a class-based activity learning about both resident and migrant birds in Ireland.  The children completed research on their own bird and are going to present them in class soon – more pictures to follow 🐦🦜🦅!

We learnt about Salvador Dalí and completed a bird-based art using Dalí as inspiration!!

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