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Sixth Class finished off STEM week by getting together with their Junior Infant Buddies.  We helped our Buddies practice their directions and programming skills using our Bee-Bots.  We even finished off by having a competition to see who could programme their Bee-Bots to land exactly in the correct spot.

Daily Mile

Both 5th and 6th class have been taking part in the Marathon Kids Daily Mile Challenge.  We run a mile every day which has really helped improve our fitness and concentration levels in school.  This week our students in each class received t-shirts and other merch to mark their amazing efforts.  Well done to all!

National Tree Day

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For National Tree Day (October 6th) this year, Sixth Class spent some time studying and appreciating the trees we have on our school grounds.  We looked at the different features and characteristics of our Rowan, Whitebeam, Silver-birch, Oak and Hawthorn trees.  We even collaborated to create and perform poems about each tree. Well done to both classes!

6th Class Tag Rugby

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We’ve been lucky enough in Sixth Class to have a tag rugby coach in for the first term.  We’ve really enjoyed learning new ball handling and rugby skills.  Thank you to Andrew for coaching us!

6th Class Gymnastics

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Gymnastics has been our area of focus this term in PE.  We have loved working with Mark who brought along lots of interesting pieces of equipment to work with.

Meeting our Buddies

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6th Class have been loving getting to know their Junior Infant buddies over the last couple of weeks.  We have been doing lots of activities like board games, reading and 6th Class even taught the infants some PE games that they created.

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