Class of 2020 – Graduation

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We were very sad that this year’s 6th Class pupils did not finish Taney with their usual fun-packed final term in primary school.  Mrs. Carpenter, the 6th Class teachers and secretaries put our heads together to plan something different to mark the end of the children’s primary schooling.

With the help of Reverend Nigel Pierpoint, the usual Graduation Service was pre-recorded in the school and church for 6th Classes and their families to watch on Friday 19th June.  Packs containing personalised certificates, candles, reflection books, slideshows and letters were put together for each pupil and hand delivered to their doorsteps on Wednesday 17th June by Mrs. Maloney and Mrs. Hanley.  We really enjoyed seeing everyone “in real life” and chatting to parents and pupils.

Ms. Coe and Ms. Dolan and all the staff wish our 6th Class pupils well as they head off to secondary school after the summer holidays!

Here’s a message to you all from your teachers:


“Congratulations class of 2020!  We are so proud of you and we are excited for the adventure which you are about to embark on!  This time of year is always bittersweet.  You are such a credit to your school and families.  We have grown so fond of all of you throughout the year.  We had such a fantastic year together from school tours, to sports activities, Taney Fair, dramas and Junior Infant buddies to name but a few!  Over the past year we’ve had the honour of teaching you – you are all truly amazing, talented and inspiring young people.

To the parents of 6th class, thank you for your kind words and support throughout the year, we really appreciate it!

Thank you for all the happy memories and we wish you the very best!”

Chocolate, Memories & Summer Fun

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At this time 6th classers would normally be exploring the Chocolate Factory but as this year it was not possible they experimented at home!  After completing research on the History of Chocolate as well as doing a Chocolate Quiz they then created their own Maya hot chocolate!  They also explored memorable moments in their own lives as well as creating their own chocolate bars!  Of course there was still time to enjoy the beautiful weather 😊.

Creative 6th Classers

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It was another busy week for Ms. Dolan’s 6th classers; they were reflecting about the important things in life, making Bee Hotels in conjunction with World Bee Day, making their own Storyboards based on Shaun Tan’s “The Lost Thing”, to baking bread and completing Irish oral work via Seesaw!   Well done 6th class 😊

Busy Bees!

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Ms. Coe’s Sixth Class pupils have been busy bees this week!  While working at home, they have been studying bees and some pupils even made bee hotels to host some solitary bees!

They were also busy with research for projects, creating impressive art and developing wonderful storyboards.  Check out some pictures of their work here.

6th class this week

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The pupils in Ms. Coe’s Sixth Class have been very busy this week.  We all got set up on Seesaw and we have been familiarising ourselves with it!  The children added their favourite piece of work and it was fantastic to see such a variety of items.  In the pictures attached, you will see some magnificent “Flat Lay” photography, Fact Files on “Sir Francis Beaufort” and some posters that explain “Why we Sweat”!  Keep up the great work Sixth Class!

Sixth Class – this week’s work!

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Ms. Dolan’s 6th classers have been working incredibly well at home!  This week, via Seesaw they were able to send a range of different work to the teachers!  It is so uplifting to be in contact with the children and to be receiving work, please keep it coming 😊.  This week the children were asked to send a picture of their favourite pieces of work from the week, some couldn’t decide and they sent a number of pieces which is great!  They range from posters (some with audio explanations that were sent on Seesaw!) on “Why we Sweat”’, the Irish hydrographer Sir Francis Beaufort, the creator of the Beaufort cipher and the Beaufort scale, some projects ranging from a construction about The Chernobyl disaster of 1986 to a poster about Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson.  Other work that we received was a Flat Lay art activity where the children had to photograph something from up high!

Lots of work from 6th class!

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6th class are busy completing a range of different tasks at home, here we have a project about Mexico, one about Cinco de Mayo and why it is celebrated, another about the actress Millie Bobby Brown and an incredible PowerPoint presentation about The Seven Wonders of the World!

It is lovely to receive photos of the children completing a variety of different tasks at home!  From making Salsa for Cinco de Mayo celebrations, to baking.

Thanks 6th classers 😊

When the World Wakes

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March started a lot differently to how it ended.  At the end of March, we found ourselves living in a pandemic.  As we all know everyone around the world has had to readjust their lifestyles.

6th class wrote poems using inspiration from the title, ‘When the World Wakes’ to offer us all a more positive perspective on this moment in our world.  It can seem dark, but there is light in all this.  The children have done a wonderful job, their poems uplifted their teachers and parents and we hope you like them 😊.

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