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As part of Religion this week 6th class were learning about Lighthouses and the role they play for boats and ships.  They guide and lead boats away from danger, just like God can lead us and he is a beacon of light in our lives.

“Take a Hike” at Wicklow Mountains National Park

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Ms Coe’s Sixth Class took part in “Take a Hike” at Wicklow Mountains National Park.

We met our guide at the Upper Lake in Glendalough.  He introduced us to the outdoor ethics programme called “Leave No Trace” that encourages us to look after our surroundings.  We had great fun orienteering and exploring nature.  We used our maps to find clues hidden around Glendalough which we pieced together to revel the seven principles of Leave No Trace.


After lunch, we hiked back over a mountain and through the forest.  Everyone enjoyed the beautiful sunshine that appeared just as we began our hike which made the views even clearer and more breathtaking.

Trip to Glendalough

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Ms Dolan’s 6th class had a great start to the week this week with a trip to Glendalough.  They took part in the “Take a Hike” workshop which involved some orienteering followed by a hike where we saw some badger poo (it’s a metallic colour because of the type of beetles that they eat!), some deer and sheep!  The weather wasn’t the best, but with the children made the most of their time outdoors!


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6th class have been busy exploring Japan in the build up to the Rugby World Cup!  In groups they researched given topics and added their own twist!  Each group presented their topic in a unique way, between a fashion show, a car journey with mum and an interesting restaurant visit, we were all kept very entertained!

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