Be Active!……Number Hunt and Obstacle Course

This Easter, the Active School Committee designed a wonderful Easter Number Hunt and Obstacle Course.  Both 2nd Classes had a great time searching for their numbers inside the eggs which were hidden around the playground.  When they found their number, they moved on to the obstacle course.  Thank you very much to the Active School Committee for designing the obstacle course and for helping the children through various sections of it!  Check out some of our photos which show the Active School Committee preparing the course and also capture 2nd Class having an exciting time completing it!

School Play “Dragon Days”

Children from 2nd and 3rd Classes participated in an after school Drama Club last term.  Over the course of the term the boys and girls were hard at work learning lines from the play “Dragon Days”, which they performed for parents just before the Easter break.  Ms. Warren and Ms. Lawrence were so impressed by how well they could sing, dance and deliver their lines in front of such a big audience.  Well done!

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