Science Week

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During Science Week second class enjoyed many activities.  We explored air pockets with water and an orange, they created their own lemonade using water, sugar, baking soda and lemon juice.  We created a hurricane in a bottle and explored the idea of an air vortex.  In Maths we worked on symmetry and created Rangoli art on graph paper.  On Friday the children worked in groups to create a parachute for a character of their choice – the children had to problem solve and engineer a parachute that made their character slow down before hitting the ground.  They demonstrated their parachute to each other and then we gave feedback and the children had time to modify their design!

Spooky spells

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A collection of some Halloween themed classwork.  The children had great fun exploring the procedural writing genre using spells!  They then used their knowledge to create their own spell 😊!

In STEM we had great fun creating a pumpkin catapult using various materials!

Greedy Ghosts

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This was a two step art lesson – the first day we drew our ghosts – being careful not to get sharpie on our lovely new desks!  Next we coloured the boarder in marker and used water to spread the marker.  The next day we finished our ghosts adding in all their delicious sweets!

Halloween composition!

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This week we progressed to adding symbols to our rhymes and a rest!  The children created their own 4 beat bar of music (some even created two!).  They then joined with other children in the class to create longer pieces!

Dogs Trust

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The second and third class children were lucky this week as a lady from the Dogs Trust came to speak to them about dogs!  She brought her fluffy toy dog Bruno as the children and her decided that school wouldn’t be the place for a dog to visit – too much noise and no where to go to the bathroom!  The children learnt about how to approach a dog by following WALT – Walk towards, Ask to pet, Let the dog sniff you, Touch!

We also learnt about what to do if a dog chases you – apparently dogs are much more interested in us if we are running away – it’s like a game 😊

Autumn in Second Class

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In second class we have been very enthusiastic about nature collecting during Autumn.  We explored Autumn as Gaeilge, in Art and in S.E.S.E.  We discussed animals, their tracks, different insects and signs of Autumn.  The children traced and drew different tracks, we painted over them in autumnal colours and then returned to add in the details in black paint!

Picker Pals

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Second Class had a very exciting delivery today ! We were all delighted to open the mysterious “Picker Pals” box that arrived in our classroom recently.  We made predictions about what might be inside the box before opening it and finding lots of fun resources!  The children then watched an introductory video to the “Picker Pals” programme and are all very excited to get involved!

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