“Gallery in the Classroom”

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Ms. Dolan’s second class attended a “Gallery in the classroom” workshop on zoom that was hosted by the National Gallery of Ireland.  Our tour guide was called Elaine and she guided us through the entrance of the Gallery as well as showing us 5 different pieces of art:

The children responded to the art – discussing what they liked/didn’t like about the pictures.  Elaine told the children some history about each painting and showed its location in the gallery!  It was a wonderful workshop – the children and adults in the room couldn’t wait to visit the gallery in real life soon!

Willy the Wimp

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We explored the character of Willy in Anthony Browne’s book “Willy the Wimp”.  Willy changes from the beginning of the book to the end!  We discussed adjectives to describe Willy at the beginning and at the end of the story, and then the children wrote a paragraph describing him.  They also added in a picture.

Art was inspired by our work on Polar Explorers.  We looked artwork by Ted Harrison and the children discussed the colours that he used.  Some children chose to draw other polar animals such as an Arctic Fox or penguins!

We also looked at the book “Lines and Scribbles” by Debora Vogrig.  Children created artwork inspired by the book – adding in a colour of their choice!

Maths Week Activities

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Second class completed a STEM activity, they predicted what they were going to do with 20 paper ear buds, 10 cubes, some sweets & erasers, and either blue tac or sellotape.  I then asked the children to create Bone Bridge that could hold the sweet & erasers!

We also took part in activities to develop our Maths Eyes, where we took pictures of things in the classroom with our Maths Eyes.  Asking questions and answering each others questions!

We also had some show and tell activities as well as some organic chats by the class library!


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In S.E.S.E we looked at Lighthouses!  We looked at the different parts of the lighthouse as well as locating some on a map in Ireland.

We then read the book ‘Hello Lighthouse’ by Sophie Blackall!  We then discussed a Day in the Life of a Lighthouse Keeper.  The children wrote a recount as the keeper!

We also used the book to discuss adjectives!  We developed nouns, adjectives and “-ing” words to do with the sea and we created Sea Poems.

During Art the children created two backgrounds, one for the back of their poem and the other for their lighthouse!  Thankfully we had Mrs. Power to help us with the painting :)!

Mé Féin

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Second Class have been exploring the Mé Féin theme throughout September.  We finished off all our great work – by creating “Mo theach” with all our information!

International Dot Day in 2nd Class

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After reading The Dot Second Class created Freeze Frames based on the phrase “You can do it!”.  The children froze after 3 and then the rest of the children discussed what they were doing.  Their scenarios included teaching others to look after nature, teachers encouraging children in class, encouraging others when running in a race and supporting a fellow worker on the building site!

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