Active body, healthy foods.

Sixth Class recognise that being physically active is extremely important.  However, it is also vital that we have a balanced diet as our bodies need a variety of foods so that they can grow, repair, give us energy etc.

We conducted research and designed a web page that encourages children to eat healthy food and snacks.  We presented our findings and some of us even whipped up samples for the class to try!  Our wonderful web pages, with suggestions and recipes are available to view on the Active School Notice Board.

Epiphany Assembly

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We were delighted to welcome our Patron, Archbishop Michael Jackson, to lead our school assemblies on the Feast of the Epiphany.  His Grace gave the children an overview of his role as Patron of the school and his role in the church.  Our Chairperson, Mr. Dudley Dolan, was also in attendance and he outlined to the pupils the role of the Board of Management.  Reverend Nigel lead us in prayer.  All the children sang beautifully during our two assemblies.  All in all it was a very pleasant and informative experience.

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