Active Challenge 2021 Update

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In the final week of the Active Challenge, the pupils of Taney Parish Primary School travelled an impressive 2,416.635 km!  This brings our total over four weeks to an astounding 8,912.585 km! 

Altogether, we travelled just beyond Brazil.  Brazil is located in South America and it has a population of approximately 183,888,841.  The capital of Brazil is Brasilia and the official language is Portuguese.  Brazil has won the soccer World Cup more times than any other nation and it is also home to the world’s largest carnival.  The Rio Carnival takes place on the streets of Rio de Janeiro.

Everyone should be very proud of their excellent efforts!  Congratulations!


Christmas Jumper Day & Crosscare Foodbank Collection

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Last Friday we had a Christmas Jumper Day when all the children and staff wore their Christmas jumpers or Christmas colours to school and collected money for charity.  Well done to everyone who took part and we are delighted to tell you that due to your generosity we raised the sum of €979.78 which we will donate to the Taney Parish Special Needs Fund.

Also we’d like to say a big thank from Crosscare to all the children for bringing in food and toys to school this week.  The collection was so large this year that the Crosscare volunteers came on two days to collect all your generous donations.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Halloween Dress Up Day

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School looked so colourful today with all the children and staff dressed up for Halloween.

We hope you all have a lovely mid term break and stay safe!

What’s going on Inside School

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As parents cannot see inside the school building these days, we thought you would like to take a peep at all the lovely, colourful work that is adorning the noticeboards in the classrooms and corridors.

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