Courtyard revamp

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Our school courtyards have had a facelift and are now transformed into bright Aistear play areas for the Infants and a really great space for senior classes to do their messy science experiments and art activities.

Winter Wonderland

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Our school hall has been transformed into a Winter Wonderland featuring the artistic creations of all of our pupils!  From Christmas trees to winter scenes, robins to gnomes the hall is now awash with colour and is a wonderful testament to the creativity of everyone!

Santa’s back!

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We can’t believe it’s December already but it must be because Santa and his very long beard are back on the office door!  Day by day the children will cut Santa’s beard until the end of term, then we will know that Santa must be getting close!!

Science Week trips to Airfield

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This week all the classes visited Airfield as part of Science Week.  The children took part in lots of different activities while there.

Junior Infants had lots of fun looking for bugs both on the ground and in the trees.  Then they learnt all about how to make butter using cream from the Jersey cows.  Everyone had a go at churning the cream.

First and Second classes visited the hens and even got to hold them!

Third class planted rocket seeds in recycled pots. 🌱🌿

Fourth class had a very interesting time visiting Airfield.  We learned may interesting facts and even got to plant our own seeds which we got to take home!

Shoebox Collection

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Over the last week children delivered their shoeboxes down to the hall to create a wall of colourful shoeboxes.  On Thursday the Team Hope van arrived at school to collect the boxes.  Sixth class formed a long human chain and passed all the boxes from the hall out to the van, their exercise for the day!

Team Hope were thrilled to tell us that our school had collected 339 shoeboxes and send a big thank you to all the families for taking part in such a worthy cause.

Team Hope Christmas Shoebox Appeal

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Today Kathy Malseed from Team Hope visited our school to speak with us about their Shoebox Appeal.  Each class took it in turns to go down to the hall and listen very carefully to all the information that Kathy had to share.  She explained who the shoeboxes are for and all about what to put in a shoebox.  We are all trying to remember the four w’s – something to Wear, something to Wash with, something to Write on/with and something to Wow the recipient!

Hopefully as many as possible will enjoying preparing a shoebox for a child less fortunate than ourselves.

Completed shoeboxes should be brought to school the week of 1st to 5th November.

For more information follow this link.

Giving Day

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Our Wellbeing Week ended today on the theme of giving and forming connections.  We focused on giving compliments and forming connections within our classes, and giving and forming connections with the wider community by organising donations for Cross Care and the Alice Leahy Trust.  Thank you to all the families who gave so generously to this initiative, and especially to 6th Class who brought all the donations to the hall and sorted them into categories.

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