Team Hope Christmas Shoebox Appeal

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Today Kathy Malseed from Team Hope visited our school to speak with us about their Shoebox Appeal.  Each class took it in turns to go down to the hall and listen very carefully to all the information that Kathy had to share.  She explained who the shoeboxes are for and all about what to put in a shoebox.  We are all trying to remember the four w’s – something to Wear, something to Wash with, something to Write on/with and something to Wow the recipient!

Hopefully as many as possible will enjoying preparing a shoebox for a child less fortunate than ourselves.

Completed shoeboxes should be brought to school the week of 1st to 5th November.

For more information follow this link.

Giving Day

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Our Wellbeing Week ended today on the theme of giving and forming connections.  We focused on giving compliments and forming connections within our classes, and giving and forming connections with the wider community by organising donations for Cross Care and the Alice Leahy Trust.  Thank you to all the families who gave so generously to this initiative, and especially to 6th Class who brought all the donations to the hall and sorted them into categories.

National Tree Day

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As part of National Tree Day the children of 2nd to 6th Classes to visited Airfield to look at the beautiful trees in the grounds.

National Tree Day has inspired all the classes to learn about different trees and to draw and paint them also.  We have trees “growing” in our corridors, with new leaves being added daily by the children!  Junior Infants children even planted a tree which they will watch growing over the year.



International Dot Day

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Celebrating creativity, collaboration and persistence.  As a whole school we celebrated International Dot Day where every pupil in the whole school created their own dot and together the dots form a sea of colour.  With a myriad of shapes, sizes, designs and colours our dots remind us that we are all unique creative individuals.

Surprise visitors in School today!

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We had two young surprise visitors today when Mrs. Carpenter brought two lambs, Patrick and Patricia, in from her farm to school.  This caused quite a stir and lots of excitement!  The children came to visit them class by class, to hear all about how they are being hand reared and to ask Mrs. Carpenter all about them.  She explained to the children about the shepherd’s crook, the green spots on their back, how they have no top teeth and lots more.

Mrs. Carpenter has also taken a video of a hedgehog which she saw nibbling the grass on her driveway the other evening!

Earth Day

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Junior Infants are learning all about the environment.

The children have learned about recycling both in the classroom and at home.

The children sorted items into the correct categories.

We also looked at how we can help animals by:

– helping to protect the bees. We planted some wildflower seeds.

– Feeding the birds.

– Making bug hotels.

We discussed and wrote some words associated with the park.

It is important to keep our parks clean by :

– Taking home our litter.

– cleaning up after our dogs.

Simple water saving ideas included:

– Turning of the tap while we brush our teeth.

An energy saving technique we have adopted in the classroom is to ensure we turn off the lights as we leave to go outside to play or leave to go to the hall.

To celebrate Earth Day, we planted bulbs and seeds.  The children also went on a Spring hunt and enjoyed a special assembly from Rev. Nigel via Skype based on Earth Day.

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