Buddy Time

Junior Infants and Sixth Class buddied up for some exciting station activities.

In the Sixth Class room, they read together in the library and designed some most impressive buildings using marshmallows and sticks.  They also programmed robot mice to run through a tricky maze to get the delicious cheese!

In the Junior Infant room, the children used both English and Gaeilge to converse when visiting the shop and the restaurant.

Letter sounds & numicon shapes

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Junior Infants are getting to know the numicon shapes using play dough, fitting them into base boards, making shapes, looking at colours and shapes of pieces etc.  Also the had great fun practicing the letter sounds they know on leaping lilypads.  Look how many they have learned!

Science Experiments

As part of a late Science Week, 6th class organised experiments to demonstrate to the Junior Infants.  Both classes had an enormous amount of fun with 6th classes reveling in being able to explain what was happening scientifically to the younger children!

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