Sense of “Taste”

The pupils in Miss Coe’s Fourth Class have been working hard preparing explanations about our sense of “Taste” for Mr. McConnell’s First Class.  First they conducted research in the computer room where they discovered and recorded lots of interesting information.  Next they planned, edited, redrafted and published their work.  There were lots of different designs, colours, diagrams and shapes used during their publishing work and they looked wonderful!

Fourth class had lots of fun delivering their explanations to First Class.  They also gave a short quiz to the pupils they were working with and First Class had star pupils all round!

Active Fourth Class!

Everyone in Fourth Class has been having great fun over the past few weeks!  We have been very active with Movement Breaks, Adventure Trails and Walk for Water on Your Funky Feet!  Check out some of our funky shoe designs.

Knitting in Fourth Class

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It has been great fun to have parents and grandparents in helping with knitting.  We’re very grateful for their help!  Here’s a few photos of some of us.  Many thanks also to Dorthe Meulangratch, Olive Murray and Deirdre Culbert.


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