Irish PE!

Fourth Class joined Sixth Class to try out a variety of Irish physical activity stations. Sixth Class worked hard to design their stations and write clear instructions in Irish. They carefully explained each station ‘as Gaeilge’ to the Fourth Class groups and provided demonstrations for them too! Everyone had great fun!

Native Americans

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Over the past two weeks, Ms Kiersey’s 4th class have been learning about Native Americans.

To help them get a better insight into the life of a Native American, they made their own Tipi (Also known as Teepee) using natural objects and some even used flowers and crushed plants to design the outside.

They discovered facts about Sitting Bull, the Powhatan tribe and the history of Dream catchers which they also made in Art.

The children have also begun to design their own totem poles.

Cricket Season in full swing

Taney Cricket started with training before Easter.  We had a great take up this year with 36 boys and girls participating from 6th Class.

The 4th Class entered the Cricket Leinster Schools competition for the first time and played Matches against Willow Park, St Mary’s and CUS.  They were also invited to play in a Cricket Leinster cricket blitz in Terenure Cricket Club and three 4th class teams travelled on the day.

We played in the 6th Class Schools Leprechaun Cup softball and hardball competitions and competed really well and all the children got to play for Taney Parish Primary School in a competitive game.

Training will continue in Marlay Park every Wednesday for the Summer Term.

4th Class trip to National Museum of Ireland

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On Friday 10 May, the 4th Classes of Dr. Brook and Ms. Kiersey ventured back in time with a trip to the National Museum of Ireland.  Journeying by Luas from Dundrum to Dawson Street, the children took a quick pit stop in the sunshine for a snack before walking across to the archaeological museum beside Leinster House.  Split into five groups and tasked with worksheets, the children made their way around the exhibits featuring ornaments, weaponry, implements and artefacts from the Viking, Celtic and Early Christian eras as well as the Bronze and Iron Ages.  The meeting point (and undoubted highlight) were the sacrificial bog bodies relating to sovereignty and kingship rituals during the latter age. The trip concluded with a stroll to St. Stephen’s Green, where the children ate their lunches amidst the local birds and a life-size hamburger!

4th Class visit Explorium

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Before the Easter break, 4th class went to Explorium to discover new things about science.  The children spent half the day testing out experiments and doing hands on activities where they looked at optical illusions, gravity, energy and forces, plus much more.

They then spent the other half of the day challenging themselves on the climbing walls.

All the children seemed to have a positive experience and thoroughly enjoyed getting involved in all aspects of the day.


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In Dr Brook’s 4th Class the children have been very busy making papier mache pigs.  Aren’t they colourful!

Art class in the sunshine

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Last week during the beautiful sunshine Ms. Kiersey’s 4th class brought their art less outside and studied the detail of a leaf.  They practised shading, perspective, lines and focused on detail.

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