The Dentist

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1st Class have been learning all about the dentist and minding our teeth.  We conducted an experiment to see what happens to our teeth enamel when acid is left on it.  We used eggs in our experiment, egg shells are just like our teeth enamel.  Look at our results!  We learned that water is the best drink for our teeth.  We also enjoyed creating dental instruments and our role play in the dentists.


First Class decorations!

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Merry Christmas from Ms Blain’s class.  We had great fun yesterday making Christmas inspired pictures using lollipop sticks and cubes.  We also enjoyed making our stained glass window pictures which make our room very festive!!  We made a nativity scene from cubes.  Rudolph in the snow.  Christmas trees, candy canes and stables.  Snowmen.  Santa’s sleigh.  Reindeer and Santa on his sleigh.

Science Experiments

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Last week in Ms. Kiersey’s first class the children carried out three science experiments.  The first one involved making a rainbow from skittles and warm water.  The second one was creating a lava lamp using vegetable oil and alkaseltzer.  The third and final one was making a bouncy ball from an egg.

1st Class makes Slime!!

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Last week was science week so Ms Kiersey’s first class concentrated on materials and textures.  We watched a short video on how to make slime then experimenting by making our own.


We used;

PVA glue (white or clear)

Food colouring (optional)

Baking soda (Bread soda)

ReNu contact lens solution

Bowl for mixing and something for stirring

Measuring spoons

A sealable bag or container to store your slime in afterwards


Then we followed a recipe:

Pour 1/8 cup (30mls) of PVA glue into the bowl

Add a few drops of food colouring if using

Add ½ teaspoon bread soda

Mix all together

Add approximately 1 teaspoon of ReNu contact lens solution while continuing to mix. We soon found out through trial and error that you get better slime if you don’t add too much contact lens solution.


Once the slime starts to stick together and comes away from the sides of the bowl, take it into your hands and start kneading and stretching it.


Our verdict:


This gave a great slime that was stretchy and non-sticky and lasted well once placed in a sealed bag or container.

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