Teddy Bears’ Picnic 

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Both 1st classes enjoyed a wonderful trip to Airfield for a Teddy Bears’ Picnic this week.  We were very lucky with the weather which made for some happy children and teddies.  The children got to see chickens, vintage cars, goats, calves, donkeys and the cows being milked.  The class had great fun in the playground to finish off our wonderful day. 

First Class visit Pine Forest Art Centre

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First Classes set off on their first EVER school tour!  Excitement was palpable.  Spirits were soaring.  Lovely artwork was completed – frogs jumping on lily pads, cute lollipop-stick houses and wonderful butterflies.  The children really unleashed their creativity and produced beautiful artwork.  We then had a short walk (run!) through a forest trail where we made wishes for the fairies to grant. We can’t wait for these wishes to come true!

We were very lucky with the weather – the rainclouds passed over us, leaving us dry and happy.

The bus journey there and back was thoroughly enjoyed by all, with rousing sing-songs keeping everybody entertained!

What a great day!


We have been really fortunate to have Paul from DLR Sports Partnership working us over the past month.  He has been helping both first classes to develop their basketball skills.  The children have really enjoyed these sessions with Paul and there has been great excitement amongst the children each Friday as they participated with these lessons!  Paul is a past pupil of Taney School and has played basketball in America.  We hope that he will be able to work with some more of our classes before he goes to NYC to coach in June.

Engineers Week

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The children in Ms Hanbidge’s class really enjoyed Engineers Week.  The children spent time planning and building their dream playgrounds in groups.  These were such impressive models and structures that 3rd and 4th class came to visit and see what they could learn from us!

Mr Stephen Fraser came to teach us about maritime engineering, skyscrapers and even the Luas bridge in Dundrum.

Later in the week we also built monsters, which were great fun!

We’ve learned a lot of wonderful skills related to engineering, such as collaborating, designing, problem solving and planning. What a super week!

WBD in 1st Class

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First Class really enjoyed World Book Day last week!  We loved having extra DEAR time and dressing up.  Take a look at some of our super costumes!

St. Brigid’s Day

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We really enjoying making these woven paper cloaks for St. Brigid’s Day.  These were tricky and required a lot of patience but First Class did a super job.

St. Brigid is notably one of the few females we celebrate from that time in history so we had to make sure to mark her special day!  We loved learning all about St. Brigid and her important message of helping others.

Science Week Fun

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First class enjoyed lots of fun for Science Week. We enjoyed making and testing boats, a virtual trip to space and a visit to Airfield.

One of the most exciting parts was when and Mr Lukas, our resident boat builder extraordinaire, taught us all how to make boats.  Please enjoy looking through our photos of us testing both, to see if they could float and how many cubes they could carry before sinking.

First Class Trip to Airfield

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First Class enjoyed a wonderful day out in Airfield yesterday!  We had great fun on our guided tour looking at the chicks, goats, pigs and donkeys and playing in the playground.  We watched the cows being milked and met a very energetic calf. Lastly, we went catching insects and frogs in bug jars.  A great day was had by all.  Please enjoy looking through our photos😊☀️

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