5th Class Sports Day

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It was a lovely change this year to have Sports Day on the school grounds.  We spent the whole day doing activities like Zumba, races, rounders, soccer, dancing and more.  We even had a visit from the ice cream man who served up some scrumptious 99s!  What a day!

The Famine

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Mr. Ross’s class have spent weeks learning about the Famine and working on their projects.  They compiled all of the information they learned and researched to create fascinating posters.  They also had a homework assignment to design and create their own versions of the famous “coffin ships” that were used to transport Irish emigrants during the Famine.  Well done to all!


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Mr. Ross’s Fifth Class have been learning about drawing faces, using proportion and shading.  This week they practiced their skills and also revised the Maths topic; Symmetry.  We printed pictures of our faces, cut them in half and we had to finish the picture using our drawing and shading skills.  Such impressive work, well done!

The Great Famine

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5th class were busy studying The Great Famine in class.  We read the novel “Under the Hawthorn Tree” too.  Everyone really enjoyed making their projects and showing them to the class.

Well done 5th class!

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