The Great Famine

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5th class were busy studying The Great Famine in class.  We read the novel “Under the Hawthorn Tree” too.  Everyone really enjoyed making their projects and showing them to the class.

Well done 5th class!

The Normans

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In M. Ross’s Fifth Class, we have been learning about the Normans and have completed fantastic projects based on them.  Over the last few weeks we have been presenting our informative posters and brilliant constructions to our class.  Well done to all!

Science Week work in 5th Class

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Here are some projects Ms. Lawrence’s 5th class did as part of Science Week.  They read and learned about a famous scientist, then produced a project on their chosen scientist.  Well done on your interesting work!

Space week

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The children in Mr. Ross’s 5th Class have been learning about Space from home.  They completed fantastic and informative projects and also listened to David Bowie’s famous song Space Oddity.  The children responded to the song with some creative and talented responses!

Andy Goldsworthy inspired Environmental Art

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5th Class created environmental art last week by using found objects in their garden or around their house.  This art activity was inspired by Andy Goldsworthy, an environmental artist who uses leaves, stones, sticks and sometimes even ice to make artworks and sculptures.  Well done 5th class!

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