Space week

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The children in Mr. Ross’s 5th Class have been learning about Space from home.  They completed fantastic and informative projects and also listened to David Bowie’s famous song Space Oddity.  The children responded to the song with some creative and talented responses!

Andy Goldsworthy inspired Environmental Art

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5th Class created environmental art last week by using found objects in their garden or around their house.  This art activity was inspired by Andy Goldsworthy, an environmental artist who uses leaves, stones, sticks and sometimes even ice to make artworks and sculptures.  Well done 5th class!

Author comes to visit

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Author Brian Gallagher came into to chat to 5th class.  He spoke about what it is like to be an author.  5th class have read his novel “Secrets and Shadows” which is set during World War II.  They were so excited to meet him and ask him lots of questions.  We even go to hear him read an excerpt from his latest novel!  On World Book Day we dressed up as our favourite book characters.

Great Irish Famine

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The children in Mr. Ross’ fifth class have been learning about the Great Irish Famine.  They showed fantastic skills as young historians and completed research in order to compile what they have learned into factbooks.  They did extremely well and showed great understanding and empathy towards the trials and suffering of the Famine.  They also constructed excellent Coffin Ships at home!

Engineering Week in 5th Class

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As part of Engineer week we had a building challenge using marshmallows and spaghetti to see who could build the strongest structure!

We also had a talk from an Engineer who came in to tell us all about his work.

Engineers Week

Sixth class enjoyed a day of engineering inspired activities on Friday.

From teaching Junior Infants about Forces using toy cars, Team Work using paper cups and developing their Problem Solving skills using trains and Lego to having a talk from a real life Engineer!

After their talk 6th class had to create a sound structure using spaghetti and mini marshmallows that could hold a toy car!  They found this part quite challenging however we had one or two successful attempts!

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