5th Class trip to Causey Farm

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Fifth  Class had a fantastic day in Causey Farm on their school trip!  We looked at all the animals – horses, lambs, lamas and alpacas.  We had great fun blowing bubbles too.

We were most excited for bog jumping!!  We took a tractor to the bog and got straight into jumping.  It was so messy but we had the best fun 😀

Norman times

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We have had a fun few weeks in 5th class as we learned about the Normans.  We had a visit from Frankie, the archaeologist who brought in lots of exciting artefacts.  We got to try on the helmets and hold ancient weapons!  As part of our research, we made Norman Castles and family crests.  We even tried a dish from the Norman times – we didn’t enjoy it very much!!

Well done on the great work!

5th Class Hockey Tournament

Divine Word kindly invited Taney 5th class girls to play a hockey match last Friday in TRR.  Two six a side teams donned Taney hockey tops for the first time and played two matches each.  The girls played great and had a fab time, winning a couple and losing a couple.  A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon despite some rain showers!  Looking forward to seeing the girls in their Taney hockey tops again in 6th class!

5th Class EPIC Tour

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On Monday Fifth class went on a school tour to EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum and The Jeannie Johnson Tall Ship.  The tour guides were very impressed with our knowledge about The Great Irish Famine.  We had a fantastic time and loved showing off all the information we learned in school.

1st Class Engineers

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First class were busy making playgrounds, creatures and marble runs out of paper and recyclable materials for Engineers Week!  They had fabulous creative ideas and lots of fun!

An explosion of fun in 5th Class!

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We learned all about volcanoes in 5th class and got to make our own!  We used bottles as our base and then used glue and newspaper to create the volcano shape.  Next, we painted them and let them dry.  Finally, we got to do the explosion!  We mixed baking soda, vinegar and red food dye and watched the volcanoes erupt.  Making the volcanoes was so much fun and we enjoyed the eruption, even though it was really messy (and everything smelled like vinegar)!

Christmas Nativity

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It has been a busy few weeks in 5th class as we prepared for our Christmas Nativity play.  It has been so great being able to sing together again.  The children have put so much time and effort into rehearsing – from choreographing all the songs to practicing lines over and over again.  There have been many challenges, between Storm Barra closing the school and learning to project voices through masks!  They have really enjoyed the whole experience and we hope you all enjoy watching!

The Aztecs

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The children in Ms McLoone’s 5th Class have been learning and researching about the Aztecs and Mexico.  They used all of what they learned to make these amazing projects.  They put so much hard work and effort into creating them!  Well done!!

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