Daily Mile

Both 5th and 6th class have been taking part in the Marathon Kids Daily Mile Challenge.  We run a mile every day which has really helped improve our fitness and concentration levels in school.  This week our students in each class received t-shirts and other merch to mark their amazing efforts.  Well done to all!

Ireland’s Fittest Family

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Check out Ireland’s Fittest Family on Sunday evening, RTE1 at 6.30pm, to support past pupils, Luke and Evan Caddow, and their Mum and Dad.  During their time here, both boys represented Taney on our hockey and football teams and enjoyed all the sporting opportunities they could get their hands on!  Come on the Caddows!!

Active Staff

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It is Active School week and while the children have been busy with Playball, Ultimate Frisbee, yoga, tennis and dance, the staff have been very active too.  The wellbeing and social committees organised a trip to Taney Lawn Tennis Club after school which was great fun!  Many staff have been trying to Walk on Wednesday and on 15th June the staff are meeting up for a lap of Marlay Park.

Hopefully after all this activity we will be ready for the 6th class vs staff Dodgeball match on Thursday!

Active Break Challenge

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All classes have spent the past four weeks completing our active break challenge.   They have focused on being active for at least one hour a day, and spending less time sitting, especially during the school day.  When it rained at break or lunch time our classes completed indoor activities such as dancing or Go Noodle.  Sixth class also had lots of fun using our walkway with their junior infant buddies.


We have been really fortunate to have Paul from DLR Sports Partnership working us over the past month.  He has been helping both first classes to develop their basketball skills.  The children have really enjoyed these sessions with Paul and there has been great excitement amongst the children each Friday as they participated with these lessons!  Paul is a past pupil of Taney School and has played basketball in America.  We hope that he will be able to work with some more of our classes before he goes to NYC to coach in June.

Our New Walkway!

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As we are working towards our second Active School Flag, we have been lucky enough to have been sent a Walkway pack.  You will probably see blue and green signs with letters, numbers, patterns and flags on them attached to walls around the school grounds!  Our new walkway will be a great help in continuing to inspire us to keep active as we come into the summer term.  It has come with a book, give use lots of ideas on how to use it, including maths, writing, handwriting, reading, mindfulness and of course orienteering.  Fourth Class helped to measure the walkway yesterday, it is 377m long!  We are looking forward to using it lots from now on!

Run Around Ireland Challenge 2022

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As part of our Active School Flag, all classes are participating in the Run Around Ireland Challenge 2022 for 4 weeks from 14th March until Easter.  Everyone runs every day and classes count the number of laps they complete.  Some classes are also clocking up laps as part of their active homework, which all classes complete every week.  The challenge involves ‘visiting’ famous landmarks in Ireland, so there are lots of interesting discussions and debates going on in classrooms about which landmark to run to next and children who have visited these places on their holidays are describing what they experienced there to their classmates.   This challenge has also been very beneficial for our maths, as sixth class used tablets to calculate the distance from Taney School to all the landmarks.  All classes are helping their teachers to total and keep a record of the number of laps they have run and how much further they have to go!

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