Serbia & Spain Succeed at Morton Cup

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The annual Morton Cup soccer tournament took place at Wayside Celtic yesterday on an afternoon of sizzling sunshine. A mix of 2nd to 6th Class pupils made up the 16 country teams of 110 boys and the 8 teams with 71 girls. The competition was fun yet fierce all round, with Argentina, Denmark, Egypt, and Spain making it through the section stages on the boys side. Spain succeeded in beating Denmark 2-0 in the final, with Egypt taking 3rd place over Argentina by 4-0. Serbia won out against Germany in the girls’ final with a close result of 1-0, and Sweden took 3rd place over Costa Rica by 1-0. A big well done to all of the children for their great efforts and true teamwork.

Finally, a massive thank you to Ms. Leahy, Roisin Caddow (boys soccer) and Liz Houchin (girls soccer) along with other members of the Sports Committee for their trojan work and seamless organisation of this large-scale event as well as throughout the year.



6th Class History projects

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6th class have been on a journey in History over the last few months.  We started with Slavery, moved onto The American Civil War, and we have just finished learning about the inspirational Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  What do you think of our MLK inspired art?

3rd class trip to St. Patrick’s Cathedral

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The children in 3rd class visited St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  They had a tour of the cathedral followed by three fantastic workshops.  In the cathedral they saw The Door of Reconciliation…..this is where the phrase “chancing your arm” comes from. The first workshop was an arts and crafts workshop where the children made stained glass windows.  These can be seen in the corridor and the classrooms.  They then did a singing workshop with a professional singer in the Lady Chapel.  They finished the day with a workshop on the organ and how it works.  They learned to play a tune together as a class!



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