Land Yachts

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Sixth Class investigated how objects may be moved by air, so we decided to make a Land Yacht.

In small groups, we explored which materials and fabrics we thought would best suit a land yacht, sails and wheels.  Next, we planned and discussed how to build the land yacht so it would hopefully travel at least 20cm in a straight line when placed in front of a hairdryer.  We also wanted it to have a working sail.  After all our planning and preparation, we built our yachts and put them to the test.  Check out some of our creations in the pictures below.

Springtime Infants

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Infants have been working hard on their sounds and tricky words!  They have been outside exploring signs of spring and learning about the beautiful world that lies at our doorstep.  They also made some lovely cards for Mother’s Day and are busy making some Easter activities this week.

Colourful pigs!

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In Ms. Gorman’s 4th Class, the children were busy making their papier mache pigs.  They created wonderful pigs.  Look at the beautiful designs and bright colours!

Museum of Literature

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Sixth Class had the opportunity to attend a free tour and workshop at the newly opened Museum of Literature.  We explored lots of poetry by James Joyce and we even wrote and read aloud some of our own poetry.  We explored the various rooms in the museum and responded to some interesting art at the end of our tour.

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