An explosion of fun in 5th Class!

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We learned all about volcanoes in 5th class and got to make our own!  We used bottles as our base and then used glue and newspaper to create the volcano shape.  Next, we painted them and let them dry.  Finally, we got to do the explosion!  We mixed baking soda, vinegar and red food dye and watched the volcanoes erupt.  Making the volcanoes was so much fun and we enjoyed the eruption, even though it was really messy (and everything smelled like vinegar)!

World Book Day in Taney

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Thursday 3rd March was World Book Day and we were lucky to have a beautiful sunny day to celebrate, adding to the bright colours of the childrens’ costumes.  Aside from the various activities that took place in each classroom, the children of the school from 6th class down to Junior Infants, took part in a parade around the yard at breaktime, showing off their costumes to each other.  It was super to see all the children back together again!

World Book Day Buddies

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Mr. Ross’s 6th class brought in their favourite picture books from whenever they were younger.  They met their Junior Infant buddies in Mrs. Duffy’s class on World Book Day to read to their books to them and to see their fantastic WBD costumes.

6th Class Hoodies

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Sixth Class got their Class of ’22 hoodies.  We were all very excited and are looking forward to wearing them throughout the rest of the year!

Thank you to the parents for organising this for us!!

6th Class visit Airfield

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Some of the Sixth Class pupils had a trip to Airfield this week.  We learned all about the history of Airfield and had a tour around the farm.  We met the new lambs and calves and learned what to feed them and how to care for them.  We had a great time!

New dance moves

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Fourth class have had a wonderful time learning lots of new dance moves – here are some pictures of everyone busy moving to the rhythm and the beat of the music!

Winter Olympics

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Fourth Class had great fun planning, designing and making skiers made out of tin foil inspired by the Winter Olympics.   All of the creations were tested on the Taney slopes!


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Here are the fourth class engineers hard at work!  As teams they figured out how to construct a working aqueduct which transports water!

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