Down Under

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First Class have thoroughly enjoyed studying all about Australia.  They have learned many new facts about its landscape, Indigenous culture and Art.  They have produced lots of fun fact files on native wildlife and their Art work is truly fantastic!!!

Irish PE!

Fourth Class joined Sixth Class to try out a variety of Irish physical activity stations. Sixth Class worked hard to design their stations and write clear instructions in Irish. They carefully explained each station ‘as Gaeilge’ to the Fourth Class groups and provided demonstrations for them too! Everyone had great fun!

Animal Visitors

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Mrs.Duffy’s class had a visit from Morpheus the rabbit recently.   He was so soft and cuddly, I think we all want a pet rabbit now!

We also had a visit from the tortoise with no name!!!  She is in her 70s and still hasn’t been named.  Shelley was a popular choice today!

Making Clay Echidnas

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First Class had great fun learning facts about echidnas and making their own echidnas out of clay.  They concentrated very carefully whilst listening to calming and inspiring didgeridoo music.


They also listened to some dreaming stories, including how echidnas got spikes (or spears) on their backs.  There are lots of stories about echidnas and their spines and First Class have some excellent Dreamtime suggestions of their own.

Clay Piggies

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Third class enjoyed using modelling clay to make Three Little Pigs.   What a colourful lot of piggies!   They look fab when they’re painted and glossed.

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