Jack Flash!

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Second class had a very exciting visitor at school today.  Jack Flash, the magician, came in as a special treat!  He did some really cool magic tricks and some very impressive stunts and even had Mr Edgar performing a trick!

3rd Class Sports for All

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Third class had so much fun at our Sports Day…. we did orienteering, Zumba with Carla, fun races and relays and a huge game of rounders.  In between all the activities (and when the yards weren’t available) we played board games in the classroom.  Finally, we all finished with an obstacle course which went all the way to the ice-cream van!  What a fun day!

5th Class Sports Day

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It was a lovely change this year to have Sports Day on the school grounds.  We spent the whole day doing activities like Zumba, races, rounders, soccer, dancing and more.  We even had a visit from the ice cream man who served up some scrumptious 99s!  What a day!

4th Class Sports Day

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We had great fun on Wednesday when we had our Sports for All Day.  We had a zumba class, an obstacle course, played board games and ran races.  All topped off with a visit from the icecream van and a 99 each!!

2nd Class Sports for All!

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Sports day was a little bit different in second class this year!  We had lots of fun trying different sports.  We did orienteering, relay races, obstacle courses and circuits.  We also had an ice cream to cool us down at the end of the day!

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