Andy Goldsworthy inspired Environmental Art

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5th Class created environmental art last week by using found objects in their garden or around their house.  This art activity was inspired by Andy Goldsworthy, an environmental artist who uses leaves, stones, sticks and sometimes even ice to make artworks and sculptures.  Well done 5th class!

Senior Infants – Broad Beans

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Our broad beans are thriving!  I brought them home and have been looking after them.  Yesterday I planted sixteen beans in to flowerpots and I have seven doing well on my windowsill.  Hopefully they will be ready to plant next week!

Happy Easter everyone, from Mrs. Potterton.

6th Class Work

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6th class children have been busy working independently and making the most of their artistic and creative skills at home to complete information posters on various topics. Some that are set by the teacher, others they are doing as extra topics because they are interested in them! 😊

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