Engineers Week

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The children in Ms Hanbidge’s class really enjoyed Engineers Week.  The children spent time planning and building their dream playgrounds in groups.  These were such impressive models and structures that 3rd and 4th class came to visit and see what they could learn from us!

Mr Stephen Fraser came to teach us about maritime engineering, skyscrapers and even the Luas bridge in Dundrum.

Later in the week we also built monsters, which were great fun!

We’ve learned a lot of wonderful skills related to engineering, such as collaborating, designing, problem solving and planning. What a super week!

Playground structures

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Fourth Class had a great time planning, building and testing our playground structures.  We used a variety of different shapes and folding techniques to make fun and stable structures.  We then created our own tinfoil testers to make sure our playgrounds would pass health and safety tests!

1st Class Engineers

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First class were busy making playgrounds, creatures and marble runs out of paper and recyclable materials for Engineers Week!  They had fabulous creative ideas and lots of fun!

WBD in 1st Class

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First Class really enjoyed World Book Day last week!  We loved having extra DEAR time and dressing up.  Take a look at some of our super costumes!

Junior Infants do WBD

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Junior infants had great fun on World Book Day.  We really enjoyed sharing stories with our 6th class buddies.  We also listened to Julia Donaldson read “The Teeny Weeny Genie”, played a game of Name that Book, made book markers, enjoyed the school parade and added lots of links to our school paper chain!

We were so busy!!!

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