Kensuke’s Kingdom

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Ms. Gorman’s class completed wonderful artwork based on their class novel “Kensuke’s Kingdom” by Michael Morpurgo.  Look at the beautiful colours used to create the sunset scene.  Well done, Fourth Class!

Pasta Masterpiece

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First the pencil drawing… Then it’s cut into pieces and each group works on one piece… Then the background is painted… And finally all the pieces come together again.

3rd Class School Trip

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Last Tuesday and this Monday Ms Kelly’s and Mrs Duffy’s Third Classes went to the Taney Lawn Tennis Club for their Summer outings.  We had beautiful, sunny weather both days, which was just perfect for the trip.  When we got to the tennis courts we had a lovely picnic.  After that we practised our tennis skills and played a few games and even had a few matches.  We had a great time and really enjoyed the day!

Light and shadows – First Class

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In 1st class we have had great fun finding out about light and shadows.  We explored the different shadows made by transparent, translucent and opaque objects.  We also investigated how our own shadows change during the day.  Here are some pictures of the 1st class scientists !

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