Sixth Class – this week’s work!

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Ms. Dolan’s 6th classers have been working incredibly well at home!  This week, via Seesaw they were able to send a range of different work to the teachers!  It is so uplifting to be in contact with the children and to be receiving work, please keep it coming 😊.  This week the children were asked to send a picture of their favourite pieces of work from the week, some couldn’t decide and they sent a number of pieces which is great!  They range from posters (some with audio explanations that were sent on Seesaw!) on “Why we Sweat”’, the Irish hydrographer Sir Francis Beaufort, the creator of the Beaufort cipher and the Beaufort scale, some projects ranging from a construction about The Chernobyl disaster of 1986 to a poster about Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson.  Other work that we received was a Flat Lay art activity where the children had to photograph something from up high!

Making the Most of our Time at home!

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It’s great to see what life skills and creative pursuits the children have been engaged in at home. Enjoy our creations, they’re impressive!

In our weird time of hibernation, I’m delighted to see that knitting is still alive and well!

Junior Infants work

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Junior Infants are learning all about animals this month.

The children have been making bug hotels, going on bug hunts and completing a range of activities.

They are all working really hard at home.

Lots of work from 6th class!

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6th class are busy completing a range of different tasks at home, here we have a project about Mexico, one about Cinco de Mayo and why it is celebrated, another about the actress Millie Bobby Brown and an incredible PowerPoint presentation about The Seven Wonders of the World!

It is lovely to receive photos of the children completing a variety of different tasks at home!  From making Salsa for Cinco de Mayo celebrations, to baking.

Thanks 6th classers 😊

4th Class work this week!

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This week we were studying rocks and researching famous buildings and tourist attractions with this in mind.

Here’s a lovely picture and project on the Taj Mahal, which shines elegantly in white marble and a colourful project about Japan.  Learn some interesting facts about the Burren from this interesting project.

Also here’s some work on the Indigenous peoples/ Native American Indians.

Active School Week

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Active School Week is a really enjoyable part of the school year for the school community.  This year, because of COVID-19, it was not possible for it go ahead.  Instead, we invited families to participate in the national “Active Home Wee”’ from the 27th April to 3rd May.

To engage in the challenge, children found four different ways of being active, every day, aiming for the recommended 60 MINUTES, or more.v They were encouraged to try something NEW, have FUN with a family activity and to ENJOY the week!  Check out some of the fun activities our pupils participated in.

We hope everyone enjoyed taking part and trying new activities.  It doesn’t have to end today, you can keep yourself and your family active in the days and weeks ahead.  Keeping active helps to promote our health and happiness.  Remember Taney Parish Primary School says “DON’T DELAY, BE ACTIVE TODAY”.

Box kick video

Golf practice

Boxing exercise

When the World Wakes

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March started a lot differently to how it ended.  At the end of March, we found ourselves living in a pandemic.  As we all know everyone around the world has had to readjust their lifestyles.

6th class wrote poems using inspiration from the title, ‘When the World Wakes’ to offer us all a more positive perspective on this moment in our world.  It can seem dark, but there is light in all this.  The children have done a wonderful job, their poems uplifted their teachers and parents and we hope you like them 😊.

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