Daffodil Day 2019

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Sixth Class pupils continued our long running tradition of helping with Daffodil Day.  They manned the gates at opening and closing times, selling daffodils and pins to parents, staff and children at school last Friday.

Fifth Class Dublinia Tour

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The tow 5th classes hugely enjoyed learning more about Viking and Medieval Dublin on our trip to Dublinia.

Lots of fun was had by all as we tried on some Viking armour, took a longboat trip and visited the docks.

We explored a home from medieval Dublin!  Although it was charming, Fifth Class have decided we much prefer having our own space and functioning toilets.

In the Norman Ireland section we saw Dublin city being built, took a trip to medieval fair and encountered the (rather disgusting) bubonic plague and its victims.

A very exciting day out!

Seachtain na Gaeilge

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D’fhoghlaim Rang a trí agus rang a dó Cha Cha Sleamhain. Rinne siad an amhrán agus an damhsa. Bhí siad ar fheabhas! Bhí comórtas damhsa ar súil freisin agus bhuaigh buachaill amháin agus cailín amháin ón ngach rang. Bhaineamar an-taitneamh as!

Sharing Stories

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Various classes about the school teamed up on World Book Day and shared their stories.  The children really enjoyed the exercise of writing their own stories and then reading them with children from other classes!  Author Carmel Uí Cheallaigh spoke in some classes about her books and the writing process, and read to the children also.

First Class WBD activities

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First Class celebrated World Book Day in style! Many arrived in truly amazing and inventive book related costumes.


Then Carmel Uí Cheallaigh arrived, author of children’s Irish-language books: ‘Spidey’, ‘The New Cat’, ‘Leanbh Nua’ and ‘An Tolg Draíchota’. The children loved listening to her read to them both in English and as Gaeilge. They had lots of questions for her and learned lots about being an author. If anyone wishes to learn more about her books they may like to visit Carmel’s website: ‘Carmelsbooks.com.


The rest of the day flew by reading and doing fun reading related activities. The children enjoyed experiencing a wide variety of reading genres, different formats and styles. At times they cosied up for a quiet read by themselves. Sometimes they paired up and shared stories and many participated in a book swap with their peers. Another highlight of the day was reading play scripts together in small groups, where the words quite literally lifted right off the page and came to life. Magic!


The aim of World Book Day is to encourage children to pick up a book and read. First Class most certainly achieved that 🙂

4th Class news

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Over the past few weeks Ms Kiersey’s 4th class have been learning about sound and how it is created by vibrations. To test this, each child was given the task of creating a guitar. This helped us to learn about the effect of the different size strings and hollows on the sound. We had a competition on the best sound and best appearance.


In Maths, we were learning about area and perimeter. The children used their knowledge and new skills to create a blue print of their dream houses.


In Geography, the children were put into small groups and asked to create a project based on a country of their choice. Each group created a poster with fun facts, photos, drawings and information on their country that they researched using ipads, books and computers. The children then presented their projects to their peers and carried out a short quiz to ensure they learned from one another.

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