Chocolate, Memories & Summer Fun

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At this time 6th classers would normally be exploring the Chocolate Factory but as this year it was not possible they experimented at home!  After completing research on the History of Chocolate as well as doing a Chocolate Quiz they then created their own Maya hot chocolate!  They also explored memorable moments in their own lives as well as creating their own chocolate bars!  Of course there was still time to enjoy the beautiful weather 😊.

Fourth Class work last week

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Project Work:

What fabulous research!  Enjoy these projects on Native Americans and on Italy.  Be amazed at an operational wind turbine in Science!

Creative Corner:

Here’s a few great ideas…. Grow your own butterflies from scratch!  (Watch this space and see how they turn out!) …. or make an art piece using 2D shapes… or bake your own pizza and feed your family!

SPHE: Line for a walk meditation:

And now for something calming and meditative exploring the power of now!

Solar System

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Last week third class were exploring the solar system.  We discovered the names of all the planets and how far away they are from earth.  We also wrote some very imaginative stories, pretending to be an alien and finally we produced some amazing displays of the planets for art!

Creative 6th Classers

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It was another busy week for Ms. Dolan’s 6th classers; they were reflecting about the important things in life, making Bee Hotels in conjunction with World Bee Day, making their own Storyboards based on Shaun Tan’s “The Lost Thing”, to baking bread and completing Irish oral work via Seesaw!   Well done 6th class 😊

Senior Girls Soccer

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The Girls Senior Soccer team got off to a flying start by winning their first match against St. Annes 2 – 0 for the FAI Girls Cup. The team definitely showed the leadership skills that we had worked on in the last term, as well as great skill, energy and drive.  It was such a shame that they were not able to continue playing as we all know they would have done really well.

Luke, Tadgh and Cameron all agreed that we were lucky to have this group of girls and they will go far.  We look forward to hopefully getting back to soccer in the new term – there is a lot of potential with the 4th and 5th class girls coming through.  We wish the 6th class the very best in their next steps in their secondary school they go.  We will miss them!

Busy Bees!

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Ms. Coe’s Sixth Class pupils have been busy bees this week!  While working at home, they have been studying bees and some pupils even made bee hotels to host some solitary bees!

They were also busy with research for projects, creating impressive art and developing wonderful storyboards.  Check out some pictures of their work here.

Boys Senior Soccer

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The four boys’ senior soccer teams, on return to School in January 2020, continued with their training on Wednesday afternoons in Wayside Celtic grounds on the Glenamuck Road.

With the Schools League starting in January the boys were very enthusiastic to represent Taney and demonstrated during matches their commitment, teamwork and friendship.  Occasionally due to adverse weather conditions a few training sessions and league matches had to be cancelled, but whenever they did take place the boys were never found wanting.  On behalf of the Boys Senior Soccer Co-ordinators (Roisin, Monica and Philip) they would like to extend a special word of thanks to the Coaches (Ken, Dylan, Connor and Luka) and also to all the parents who turned up to support the boys, not only at training but also during matches, by offering support from the side-lines.  Thanks, is also due to the parents who gave of their time to look after the footballs and kit bags.

Unfortunately, with Covid-19, as we are all too aware, training and matches came to a sudden abrupt end in mid-March.  As 6th Class boys depart, we wish them all the very best in their future education and sporting activities.

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