Science Week

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During Science Week second class enjoyed many activities.  We explored air pockets with water and an orange, they created their own lemonade using water, sugar, baking soda and lemon juice.  We created a hurricane in a bottle and explored the idea of an air vortex.  In Maths we worked on symmetry and created Rangoli art on graph paper.  On Friday the children worked in groups to create a parachute for a character of their choice – the children had to problem solve and engineer a parachute that made their character slow down before hitting the ground.  They demonstrated their parachute to each other and then we gave feedback and the children had time to modify their design!


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Sixth Class finished off STEM week by getting together with their Junior Infant Buddies.  We helped our Buddies practice their directions and programming skills using our Bee-Bots.  We even finished off by having a competition to see who could programme their Bee-Bots to land exactly in the correct spot.

Team Hope Christmas Shoebox Appeal

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Before half term, James and Kathy Malseed came to tell all the children about the Team Hope Christmas Shoebox appeal.  These colourful shoeboxes full of gifts to “Wash, Wear, Write and Wow!” are sent to thousands of children across Africa and Eastern Europe.  Last week the boxes that our Taney pupils put together were collected by Team Hope – with the help of our 6th class pupils!

There was a total of 304 boxes which is fantastic!  Thank you to everyone who contributed.

Hallowe’en Parade

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Excitement was high among staff and children on the last day of school before the Hallowe’en break.  We all came to school dressed up in all sorts of weird and wonderful costumes.  Luckily the weather held – it was a beautiful day for our Hallowe’en Parade at breaktime!

Tim Burton Art

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Fourth class have been inspired by the creativity of Tim Burton.  Using charcoal and chalk we created our own self portraits inspired by his style.  Have a look at how well they all turned out and enjoy!

Spooky spells

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A collection of some Halloween themed classwork.  The children had great fun exploring the procedural writing genre using spells!  They then used their knowledge to create their own spell 😊!

In STEM we had great fun creating a pumpkin catapult using various materials!

Hallowe’en Dress Up in Junior Infants

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We had great fun on Friday before we broke up for half term . There were lots of superheroes and witches, a ghost and a skeleton, some fairies and even a couple of Yodas in our classroom!

We had great fun looking at and comparing the different sizes of pumpkins, we played pass the pumpkin and also tried to see who could roll the pumpkin the farthest.  We finished off eating our chocolate apples!

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