Courtyard revamp

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Our school courtyards have had a facelift and are now transformed into bright Aistear play areas for the Infants and a really great space for senior classes to do their messy science experiments and art activities.

Christmas Nativity

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It has been a busy few weeks in 5th class as we prepared for our Christmas Nativity play.  It has been so great being able to sing together again.  The children have put so much time and effort into rehearsing – from choreographing all the songs to practicing lines over and over again.  There have been many challenges, between Storm Barra closing the school and learning to project voices through masks!  They have really enjoyed the whole experience and we hope you all enjoy watching!

Merry Christmas from Junior Infants!

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Junior infants have worked extremely hard this term. The children are now reading and writing.
They are also getting to know their numicon shapes by using play dough, fitting them onto base boards, making shapes, looking at the colours and shapes of the pieces etc.
They are all very excited about the Christmas holidays!

Winter Wonderland

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Our school hall has been transformed into a Winter Wonderland featuring the artistic creations of all of our pupils!  From Christmas trees to winter scenes, robins to gnomes the hall is now awash with colour and is a wonderful testament to the creativity of everyone!

Santa’s back!

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We can’t believe it’s December already but it must be because Santa and his very long beard are back on the office door!  Day by day the children will cut Santa’s beard until the end of term, then we will know that Santa must be getting close!!

Science Week Fun

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First class enjoyed lots of fun for Science Week. We enjoyed making and testing boats, a virtual trip to space and a visit to Airfield.

One of the most exciting parts was when and Mr Lukas, our resident boat builder extraordinaire, taught us all how to make boats.  Please enjoy looking through our photos of us testing both, to see if they could float and how many cubes they could carry before sinking.

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