School Garden /Grounds

A new playground surface was installed at Taney Parish Primary School in 2014, with colourful markings for a multitude of games, including snakes and ladders, hopscotch and imaginary inventions. The synthetic grass surface at the Junior and Senior Infant play areas has contributed to a reduction in the number of first aid visits resulting from falls.

The children and adults take great pleasure in the beautiful blooms, along with the ladybirds and other insects that frequent the garden. There is also a small vegetable garden nestled in the midst of the school building where the pupils tend to lettuces and a variety of other greenery.

Such is the neatness of the flower beds and the school grounds overall, that Taney Parish Primary School was awarded a Tidy Schools Honours Certificate by Dun Laoghaire/Rathdown County Council in 2015 in recognition of the impressive improvements to the garden, play areas and bicycle racks.