Green School

Litter & Waste 

Taney Parish Primary School secured its first Green Flag in 2013, by establishing good practice for litter and waste. The school then worked towards the second installment, focusing on how energy is used in the premises and in pupils’ households, and received this Energy Flag in Summer 2015.


In realising this objective, the pupils, teachers and parents completed audits on appliances and usage, looking at practices such as turning off lights on leaving a room and starting the washing machine or tumble drier without being full. The questionnaire results were all collated by 6th Class. There was also a hotly contested competition to come up with a new energy mascot and slogan, with “Do the Earth a Favour, be a Power Saver“ winning out.

The increased awareness around energy efficiency was recorded in the 19% gas and 16% electricity savings in year one of applying for the flag compared to the previous period. We also highlighted the saving of fossil fuel by participating in the National Walk to School Week in May of 2014 and 2015. This initiative was the perfect conduit to the current drive of achieving an Active Flag for the school.


The Green Committee is focusing its efforts on achieving a third flag – for water (conservation). As such, activities have included some of our 4th and 5th Class pupils attending a Green-Schools Water Forum in December 2017 and establishing a committee with pupil representatives from each class. We also participated in the Community WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Collection in January 2018, when we recycled over a dozen out-dated monitors, printers, TVs, and other equipment. Furthermore, we plan to mark World Water Day on 22nd March, and will be participating in a mini-assessment alongside workshops for the children in May. We have also been conscious of keeping up our good practices around litter, waste and energy.

Initiatives for All 

In order to retain our hard-won green flags by continuing to recycle and conserve energy, pupils and parents are encouraged to use the recycling hub in the lobby for postage stamps, old mobile phones, and empty printer ink cartridges (all brands except for Epson are accepted).

We stock Taney Parish Primary School branded drinking bottles made from plastic; they are sold by the PTA during most school events and are priced at €5, €8 and €10 for one, two or three bottles respectively.