Active Schools Week


For more photos of our Active Schools Week activities, please check out our Active News section.


Our school organises an Active School Week as part of our annual school calendar. This is one of the highlights of the school year. We are encouraged to wear our active gear for the whole week. The pupils receive active homework and we try to travel to school as actively as possible. For some, this means walking the whole way to school and for others this means walking part of the way, scooting or cycling to school.


2016: We ran our first Active Schools Week from 30th May to 3rd June 2016. Throughout the week, children were involved in a number of activities based around being active. They wore their favourite sports gear to promote physical activity, participated in Badminton sessions and Zumba workshops. Each morning began with a whole school Cha-Cha-Slide. There were plenty of activities outside due to the good weather, including an impressive whole school Zumba Dance and Walk on Wednesday (WOW)! Each classroom also promoted the Active Schools by creating an active display. During the week children also kept an Active School Diary where they recorded any physical activities that they were involved in including Active Homework. The active week was completed with Sport’s Day on the Friday the 3rd of June. The effort put in by the group of 60+ volunteers (parents and teachers included) on this day was enormous. The children had a fantastic week and it was definitely one of the highlights of the school calendar.

2017: During Active School’s Week 2017 the school took part in many physical activities. Throughout the week the children were involved in a skipping workshop with Skipping Day’s, Skippy John. Each class also participated in exciting Pound Classes with Carla where lots of new moves were accompanied by the beat of pound sticks.

To promote physical activity children were encouraged to wear their favourite active wear throughout the week. Children took part in Active Homework and at the beginning of the week they were involved in picking some of the activities they might include. Classes were also encouraged to continue the good habits developed through participation in RTÉ’S Operation Transformation 10@10.

Individual classes also engaged in a range of physical activities such as: athletics, cricket, Sport’s Day practice, obstacle courses, Irish games, Senior pupils teaching Junior pupils skills and games, GoNoodle, movement breaks and much more.

Beautiful weather for Sport’s Day was a fantastic end to the week. Thank you to the dozens of volunteers (parents and teachers) for all their help, we couldn’t do it without you!

2018:  Everyone is encouraged to wear their favourite active gear for our Active School Week which takes place from 28th May – 1st June. Coaches from Olympian Gymnastics and Irish Ultimate Frisbee will provide taster sessions for all classes throughout the week. We will also have 10@10 Movement Breaks, Active Diaries, County Colours Day, Whole School Macarena, Active Travel, Active Homework and much much more. The week will culminate with our annual Sports Day where dozens of parents and teachers will help to organise and coordinate the event. This will take place in Marlay Park on Friday 1st June. Check out our Active Posters and pictures on the Active School Notice Board. Also, keep an eye on the Active News section of our website for updates on Active School Week.


Active School Week is a really enjoyable part of the school year for the school community.  This year, because of COVID-19, it was not possible for it go ahead.  Instead, we invited families to participate in the national “Active Home Wee”’ from the 27th April to 3rd May.

To engage in the challenge, children found four different ways of being active, every day, aiming for the recommended 60 MINUTES, or more.v They were encouraged to try something NEW, have FUN with a family activity and to ENJOY the week!  Check out some of the fun activities our pupils participated in.

We hope everyone enjoyed taking part and trying new activities.  It doesn’t have to end today, you can keep yourself and your family active in the days and weeks ahead.  Keeping active helps to promote our health and happiness.  Remember Taney Parish Primary School says “DON’T DELAY, BE ACTIVE TODAY”.




Active schools’ week 2021 was different than usual due to Covid-19 restrictions.  Despite this teachers put in a huge amount of effort to ensure the children enjoyed their week!  Throughout the week the children took part in active homework, and they completed an outdoor class Zumba class with Carla Roberts in class groups.  Class clusters collaborated and organised an entire day of sport throughout the week – so this meant NO written work!  Children completed games outside – relay races, egg and spoon races, running races as well as playing cricket, rounders, football and much more!  While in class the children played cards or board games. The week was thoroughly enjoyed by all pupils and staff – and there are some activities and ideas that the restrictions facilitated that we will use in future years 😊!


This year the children from Junior Infants to 6th class will be involved in a number of activities during Active Schools Week. Outside agencies will be teaching Playball, Dance, Ultimate Frisbee, and Yoga to all year groups both inside (hall and library) and outside on the 5th and 6th class playground!

Children will be given Active Homework throughout the week and encouraged to walk/scoot or cycle to school!

Each cluster will assign one “Games Day” for the children – where the children will be active the entire day, from ball games/activities outside to board games/card games etc. inside!