Stay Safe Programme

Since its introduction in the early 1990s, Taney Parish Primary School has taught the Stay Safe Programme, usually in the Spring and / or Summer term.

The Stay Safe Programme is a personal safety skills programme for primary schools, whose overall objective is to prevent child abuse, bullying and other forms of victimisation. It was introduced by the Child Abuse Prevention Programme (CAPP), established in 1987 to tackle the problems of bullying and child abuse. CAPP is jointly funded by the (then) Department of Health and Children and the Department of Education and Science.

The programme develops children’s ability to recognise, resist and report risk situations or abusive encounters by teaching children:

  • To identify for themselves unsafe or upsetting situations;
  • Simple rules to help them avoid abuse;
  • To respect and value the rights of others; and
  • The language and skills they require to seek help.

The programme also informs parents and teachers about preventing bullying and child abuse, whilst seeking to create a greater public awareness about the problems children can and do experience. It’s been shown that programmes like Stay Safe are most effective when parents / guardians are actively involved in the process.

Worksheets to accompany the lessons, one a week, are given as homework to your child or may be done in class and brought home for you to sign. It’s important that you use these to discuss the content of the lesson with your child. Doing so will give you an insight into what your child is learning, and present an opportunity to discuss the issues involved in a way more personal than is possible in the classroom situation. It also gives you an opportunity to discuss personal safety issues with your child and to explain the safety rules that exist in your family. Children have sometimes used the worksheets to tell their parents / guardians about problems.

There is more information in the Stay Safe Programme Guide, while there are other useful resources around the topic of bullying in our links section as well as our anti-bullying policy itself.