The Education (Welfare) Act, 2000, Section 18, requires parents to notify the Principal of a school of the reasons for a child’s absence. Section 23 requires the Code of Behaviour of a school to outline the procedures to be followed relating to notification of a child’s absence from school. Section 21(4) requires a School Principal to inform an Educational Welfare Officer of TUSLA in writing if the aggregate number of school days on which a student is absent from school during a school year is 20 days or more. In compliance with these sections, the following procedures apply:

For absences of pupils from school for a period of up to three days, parents will send a letter or fill out a form for the class teacher upon the return of the child to school outlining the reason(s) for absence.

For periods of absence in excess of three school days, parents will phone the school on the third day to indicate that the child will be absent for a period of longer than three days and indicating the approximate length of absence. Upon return from absence, parents will send a letter or fill out a form for the class teacher outlining the reason(s) for absence.

It is necessary on occasions, for a variety of reasons, for pupils to leave school early. Written notification of this, outlining the reason(s), must be given to the teacher in advance. Parents, or others acting on behalf of parents, who call to collect children early, will call to reception / the school office for this purpose. Under no circumstances are pupils allowed leave the school building unaccompanied to meet parents or others off-site.

Absence Form