4th Class trip to National Museum of Ireland

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On Friday 10 May, the 4th Classes of Dr. Brook and Ms. Kiersey ventured back in time with a trip to the National Museum of Ireland.  Journeying by Luas from Dundrum to Dawson Street, the children took a quick pit stop in the sunshine for a snack before walking across to the archaeological museum beside Leinster House.  Split into five groups and tasked with worksheets, the children made their way around the exhibits featuring ornaments, weaponry, implements and artefacts from the Viking, Celtic and Early Christian eras as well as the Bronze and Iron Ages.  The meeting point (and undoubted highlight) were the sacrificial bog bodies relating to sovereignty and kingship rituals during the latter age. The trip concluded with a stroll to St. Stephen’s Green, where the children ate their lunches amidst the local birds and a life-size hamburger!